Omega 3 Fatty Acids Good for Baby & Mom During Pregnancy

When a person becomes pregnant they have to deal with many changes that occur all at once. Crystal Hunt said that one thing that scientists know for sure is that the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman change which is why health care experts are always taking a closer look at what minerals and vitamins are essential for a healthy pregnancy. After all, what a woman consumes will help keep her healthy and allow her baby to develop properly.

Studies that have taken a close look at Omega 3 have found that consuming the fatty acid during pregnancy can be a great way to help improve the heart and immune system of the body. In addition, brain and eye development are strongly supported by Omega 3 fatty acids so consuming enough for the fatty acid via food or supplements is a good idea during pregnancy.

There are many different health benefits to the pregnant mother that come from consuming Omega 3 during pregnancy as well as the baby. Some of these include reducing inflammation, improving overall kidney health, and regulating blood pressure. They are also known to help decrease the risk of depression and the mood swings that are known to coincide with pregnancy due to swinging levels of hormones in the body.

What It Means That McDonald’s is Shrinking for the First Time

Fast food chains have had to restructure their menus and their marketing over the past decade or two. People are increasingly health conscious and fast food is associated with everything that is wrong with the American diet. Christian Broda told that this may be a big part of the reason that McDonald’s has recently announced that they are closing a number of slow performing restaurants around the United States. Individual McDonald’s do occasionally close, but these are offset by more opening. The big news here is that these closures will result in what may be the first ever reduction in the total number of McDonald’s in the country.

You know times may be tough when McDonald’s is shrinking. They have been a juggernaut of U.S. business ever since they were founded in the 1950s by Ray Kroc. Some may see this as a sign that customers are waking up to the fact that most of the food they sell is unhealthy. Other chains, such as Chipotle, are cutting into their sales by offering healthier food. People who hate McDonald’s because they consider them practically synonymous with heart disease and other ailments should not rejoice yet. The company says this is just a reorganization and that they are not going anywhere. They actually continue to grow in other countries, and there are still over 36,000 of their restaurants with the iconic golden arches on the planet. That is an incredible business success story whatever one may think of their product.

Taco Bell Serving Alcohol

Taco Bell, one of three major fast food chains owned by Yum Brands, has recently added alcohol to its menu in certain locations. The announcement marks the first time that the brand will sell alcohol from their locations. It is planned that beer, wine, as well as some mixed drinks will be served from these stores, though the customers will not be able to take these drinks to go and will be required to consume them in the store.

The first store that Taco Bell plans to offer alcohol is Wicker Park in Illinois thou the plan is likely ot expand to other locations. A major investor wrote that the move to offer alcohol is part of a plan to offer more high-end restaurant options in Taco Bell as is done in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. These Taco Bell locations have a more open feel to them and have a more unique atmosphere that appeal to many in urban areas who are thought to have different aesthetic appeals.

Taco Bell is also seeking to remove artificial flavors from their foods and to appeal to a more health conscious class as part of a rebranding effort, though still seeking to appeal to those who enjoy e affordable options at Taco Bell. Taco Bell, despite having calorie dense foods, has not undergone the same image problems that McDonald’s has for unhealthy eating options.

Drinks with alcohol will be in separate cups to distinguish them from other beverages and will make it harder for individuals to take these cups to go.

The Negative Effects Of Freezing Broccoli

Broccoli is an incredibly healthy vegetable that is packed with plenty of fiber, folate, vitamins and antioxidants. Also, you’ll find a cancer-fighting compound in broccoli, called sulforaphane. A few servings per week can create an all new you, put you at a much lower risk of developing cancer in your lifetime. Many people buy broccoli fresh, but there are plenty of people who turn to the convenience of the frozen bags. Unfortunately, the freezing process can damage the anti-cancer properties of this flowering, green veggie but there is a trick that can help you reverse the process.

Scientists have found that adding powder from the daikon radish plant can recreate the  sulforaphane in broccoli after it has been destroyed. Manufacturers of frozen broccoli may eventually use this powder in the production of their product but for now you can do it at home. Pick up some daikon radish or daikon powder at your local grocery store or asian food market. You can also prepare your broccoli with other similar ingredients to the daikon radish such as watercress or cabbage slaw. Horseradish, wasabi and mustard will also have the same effects and can be incorporated into your meal.

Of course, your best bet is to purchase your broccoli fresh and eat it steamed or raw. James Dondero says this will ensure that you are getting all of the important vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body functioning at a healthy level.