Matt Badiali Is Passionate About Science

Matt Badiali is passionate about science. He was working on his doctorate degree when he began a relationship with someone who turned him on to the world of finance. Badiali was encouraged to study the industry so that he could assist the average investor with having success in the arena. Matt was inspired by this. He was also motivated to develop an easier way for people to have success as investors. Matt turned to writing in order to disseminate his advice. His track record shows that he has earned money for people who have followed investment advice. Badiali currently travels around the world speaking on the finance business and sharing his ideas.

Matt Badiali started publishing his information in a newsletter. It supported his investment ideas in the world of natural resources. Badiali continues to use this information to make financial investing as simple a process as possible. He is proud of the fact that this is a great assistance to people who are not highly experienced in the world of investing.

Matt Badiali starts his day early by consuming information from the newspaper and television. He is a family man who enjoys seeing his children off to school before heading into the office. Matt spends his first few hours of the work day writing and preparing himself for the day ahead. After at least two to three pages are complete, he returns phone calls and messages. This is where he schedules meetings and personal contacts for the following day.

Matt Badiali is inspired by personal experiences. He derives his ideas from taking action. Matt is able to learn from previous mistakes and formulate the best advice for people who are looking to him to make the proper investment decisions. Badiali’s world travels have given him an educated perspective. These are the type personal events that help him formulate the advice that he is trusted to give to others.

Betsy Devos Wants To End Corruption In Public Schools

The educational system of America is in shambles and it’s mostly the fault of local school districts. Whether we continue to pump more money into the Department of Education or increase local taxes, the system is still plagued with inefficiency and corruption. This is why Betsy Devos and many brave parents are wanting to opt out of the public school system.


In the rest of the developed or developing world, school systems are able to use money more efficiently. For example, Finland spends much less on education per student yet produces better test results than most countries in the world. This is likely due to the decentralization of schools and the corruption that creeps into schools districts.


While a soft-spoken and polite conservative woman, she is an incredible fighter in the struggle of bringing public funds into charter schools. In fact, her history of activism goes as far back as 30 years. She has participated in a variety of political campaigns, fundraisers and other efforts in order to get charted schools noticed.


Mrs. Devos is an active member of the Alliance for School Choice (AFC), which is trying to break barriers that prevent poor families from receiving an adequate education. While this organization had made promotional material about the subject, their main interest was to get key legislators elected. In some instances, they aided local legislators in drafting bills that will meet the goals of the organization.


The free market can do amazing things, even in education. When charter schools are given access to public funding, they typically use it in a more efficient manner than archaic public schools. With Florida’s tax-credit scholarship program, that is exactly what is happening and tens-of-thousands of families have been helped.


When parents feel that they have a lack of power over their child’s education or lack the means of finding a better school, they turn to homeschool. The AFC also supports home-schoolers in their campaign as it can be a viable alternative in most cases. Just taking a look at the test scores of home-schooled children, you will see that public schools are not any better.


Now that Betsy Devos is in the White House, she continues to be a fighter for the people, even if she goes against Trump’s opinion. For example, she had tried to fight his decision on rescinding the policy that allows transgender students into their bathroom of choice. She even took the time to make public announcements with the LGBT community to show her support for their plight.


As she is still lower on the totem pole in Trump’s cabinet, she still has to prove herself in the office. Mike Pence is one of the biggest influencers of Trump’s decisions, yet she still makes a valiant effort to get certain policies in place.


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Wes Edens: Owner of the Privately Operated Train System and a Sports Team

Wes Edens is a private equity investor and a sports team owner. He is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment firm. Wesley Edens invests in various industries and organizations such as the healthcare, transportation, and financial services. He is also the firm’s co-chief executive officer, co-chairperson, private chief investment officer, and president of the private equity.

He is responsible for publicly traded alternative investment and private equity businesses. Wes Edens is the founder and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks firm, and he worked at the Newcastle Investment Holdings as the Chief Executive Officer. While young, he was a competitive skier. He went to the University of Oregon State where he earned a B.S in Business Administration and Finance. He started his career at Lehman Brothers organization where he was a managing director and a partner.

The Fortress Investment Group

Since its establishment, the firm has been a trendsetter. This was proved when the company received the initial public offering as the only largest private equity organization to ever go public on the famous New York Stock Exchange. Nowadays, the Fortress investment group is a diversified Investment management company that directs more than $43 billion in assets for more than 1, 750 investors in the hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital cars. The main areas of specialization of the company include operations management, capital markets, asset-based investment, acquisitions and corporate mergers and sector-specific skill of institutions and industries.

Wes Edens recently launched the Brightline passenger train which is privately owned and managed railway system in the entire country. The system first made its run from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in May this year. The owner who is Wes Edens believes that the system will be helpful and will deliver its services effectively to cities such as Charlotte and Atlanta, Dallas and Houston and other neighboring areas. Apart from the privately owned and managed train system news, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens took a majority stake in Aston Villa Football Club which is found in England. The two jointly own and manage NSWE which is the firm that injected money in Aston Villa Football Team.

OSI Foods Continues Shining Globally

In late 1909, a German immigrant to the United States living in Chicago saw an opportunity that nobody else had seen. The opportunity was starting a meat business at the marketplace. He opened a butcher shop and a meat market together with his sons and named the premises “Otto & Sons.” Over the years, the Otto family worked hard to make OSI what it is today. The food solutions company has grown from a family based business into a world-class business institution. The business opened branches in many parts of the United States and continues to do more branches in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Under their current CEO, David McDonald has been in the forefront of improving the company’s image globally.

The group has received several accolades that have significantly improved status internationally. One of such awards is the 2016 British council award. OSI group received this highly coveted award for their continued effort towards environmentally friendly practices. An organization receives such an award if they are persistent in ensuring that their operations are environmentally friendly. OSI CEO on his part on behalf of his company thanked the British Council for consideration and assured them that they would continue working towards a greener and cleaner environment.

The company has been working towards venturing new markets in different parts of the globe. There has been lots of interest in the European food market by OSI. Venturing into new markets sometimes might be hard if you don’t understand the local cuisines. As such, for the OSI group acquired Baho, a food group based in Europe. Baho offers their services in Germany and the Netherlands. With over five subsidiaries in the two countries, OSI group was able to spread their wings wider in Europe. This acquisition has been ranked as one of the most notable acquisitions of the year 2016.

There are other acquisitions that have been instrumental in catapulting OSI group further. This is Tyson’s foods merger. Tyson’s foods Company closed their operations a few years ago. OSI has been quick to take the opportunity and acquire the company’s assets and production facilities. The OSI officials based in Chicago indicated that they would use the newly acquired facilities will be used in boosting production since their customer base is improving by the day. There was, however, no clear explanation about how the new facility would be used. There was also no explanation if the new facility would be used for beef products or pork products.

Gareth Henry, an Institutional Investor’s “Rising Star”

In 2011, at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards, Gareth Henry became a “Rising Star.” That is, the Institutional Investor selected Gareth Henry as its “Rising Star” for the year of 2011 because of what he has accomplished in the industry, what he has contributed thereto, and his distinguished status among his colleagues—all of which has placed Gareth Henry in an excellent position to be a future leader in the investment industry.

Gareth Henry did his studies in actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, successfully obtaining a degree and graduating from the university. Gareth also attended Heriot Watt University with the result that he is a holder of a first-class honors degree this university as well. Gareth is also a card-carrying member of the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (United Kingdom) and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries (United States). Gareth’s work experience includes working for Watson Wyatt in management research, for Schroders as a product manager, and for the Fortress Investment Group. Gareth started his employment at the Fortress Investment Group in the year of 2007 in the position of a managing director, in which his responsibilities entailed raising capital and building client relationships in the oversea foreign markets of the Europe, the Middle Eastern, and Africa.

Aside from Gareth Henry being recognized by the Institutional Investor a “Rising Star,” the alternative investment firm at which he is employed Fortress Investment Group LLC, was awarded with the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award. Fortress Investment Group LLC is also a New York Stock Exchange traded stock and the ticker under which it is traded is “FIG.” The award that Fortress Investment Group LLC was handed is awarded only to those firm that have been deemed to stand out from the rest by how exceptional innovation, achievements, and contributions have been in the preceding year. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone to offer investors a number of unorthodox and orthodox investment products.

Gareth Henry Finds a Home Away From Home

Jamaican badminton player and social justice activist, Gareth Henry had to flee his home country amidst violent attacks, from not only an unruly mob of citizens but also a corrupt police force. His only crime, being gay and fighting for other members of the LGBT community, many of whom were homeless and even a few that suffered from the HIV/Aids virus. Henry would take these men in and provide them shelter after their families had turned their backs on them.

Gareth Henry was very outspoken within the country’s pioneering gay-rights organization J-FLAG, Jamacia Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays. During his four years with the organization, Herny said he witnessed 13 of his friends killed. He personally identified several of their bodies. After the former leader of J-FLAG, Brian Williamson was murdered in a homophobic attack, Herny would take over as the leader of the group. A job that many in the community had no interest in.

While Gareth Henry would suffer attacks perpetrated by police officers on three separate occasions, the one that would garner the most media attention would occur on Valentine’s Day in 2007. Henry along with several other gay men were chased into a nearby pharmacy and cornered by an angry and hostile mob. The police were called, but once they arrived, Henry said they were abusive toward him. He claims all four of the policemen beat him with their guns. The attack itself would make national headlines. Henry thought with the national coverage of the beating that maybe things would begin to change. It prompted Henry to meet with the Jamaican ministry of justice. Though he would receive no justice from them, only increased hostility and harassment from the police.

With no other options, Gareth Henry had to flee his home and country to a place more welcoming of members of the LGBT community. In Canada, he has been granted asylum and from there he will continue the fight for equality and try to spread his story as a means to end violence and oppression toward the LGBT community.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Has Been Recognized For His Great Work

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s work has been featured in various medical journals. He is a member of several associations and societies regarding plastic surgery. He has been recognized for his work in plastic surgery including the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate. He was one of very few physicians that received this award in 2012. This recognition is only for physicians that have close to perfect bedside manner. Out of 870,000 physicians, the top 3% were honored. The American Registry then added Dr. Jejurikar to the Registry of Business Excellence. His work and interviews can be found in plastic surgery publications online as trusted advice in the field.

What Makes The Doctor Proud

Of all of his accomplishments, the main thing Dr. Jejurikar is proud of is fatherhood. He feels his biggest accomplishment is raising three happy, healthy, and curious children. It’s no secret that raising kids can be tough and even taxing emotionally and physically. Even though as a surgeon he has struggled with getting his life in balance, for the most part he has ever failed to see that his main job is to be present and influential in his kids lives.

Appreciating The Opportunity

Dr. Jejurikar feels it is a privilege to be able to do meaningful work. He takes this honor very seriously. His work has made his career blossom and he has become one of the most popular names in cosmetic surgery. He has consistently been a active researcher in the industry and supportive of innovative technology where it improves plastic surgery methods. He appreciates getting a daily opportunity to help someone’s life through appearance improvements and reconstruction. He hopes to continue this work well into the future.

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Rodrigo Terpins: The King OF Brazil Road

Michel Terpins almost had to avoid the Bull Sertoes Rally last year because of spine issue. Rodrigo Terpins states that he’s satisfied with his present position and accomplishments in sports. Rodrigo Terpins isn’t left out when it has to do with keeping pace with modern innovation. It is intriguing to remember that Rodrigo Terpins is the brother of another prosperous Brazilian rally driver. Rodrigo Terpins is a good team player when it comes to his co-driver who’s a younger brother whose likewise is an experienced rally driver. Rodrigo Terpins is among the most common Brazilian rally drivers who are very respected in the area of motorsport.

Their lead was cut short through the evolution of engine challenges during the last lap. For one to be effective in any career, they should have diverse interests and Rodrigo is just the same. His career needs a highly skilled individual. All rally teams consist of essential members, and a co-driver is necessary to help the major driver. He has competed in several of these championships all over Brazil. In the past couple of seasons, they’ve taken part in races on board an auto model called the T-Rex. Check out Terra for more.

The event is just one of Brazil’s biggest off-road races. He joined the yearly Sertoes Rally events because he wished to prove his ability to the general public. As a result of the length of this race, it’s split into stages, and the off-road part of this event was thought to be the largest in Brazil. Every phase of the day presents a new challenge which he’s prepared to overcome.

During the competitions, a lot of challenges may emerge. A great deal of dedication determination and high-end equipment is necessary alongside prowess. He’s notched some rather impressive accomplishments on the other side of the wheel. Making by means of this section demands top-notch navigational nous, not only driving skills. The ability to deal with different projects in his private life has contributed to his success for a rally driver. You can visit


Heck, a man driving for sport can definitely change things for the whole community. It can vary from terrain difficulties or mechanical breakdown. It might be out of being just in the correct time at the most suitable spot. Rodrigo Terpins love for those sports stems from his family that are terrific sports achievers. His brother wasn’t left out within this competition either.



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Ted Bauman Is A Veteran In Areas of Finance Who Wants Individuals To Lead A Life Free From Financial Burdens And Government Oversight

For Ted Bauman, helping people have financially free lives is part of his mission. Indeed, Ted Bauman would know many things about giving other people advice about the best ways to handle their finances, planning, etc.

Ted is the current editor of the Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. These three newsletters are ones that Ted Bauman works hard to oversee and edit. As both an editor and a financial writer, Ted is a person who wants to provide very timely and thorough information for his subscribers. Ted is someone who is concerned about people’s financial well-being.

For a financial guru like Ted, he is continually striving to provide real value in the research that he offers in his many newsletters. Ted noted that he wanted his readers to be engaged so that they read more. Ted joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. His roles include contributing as both a writer, editor, and also as a financial guru for Banyan Hill. Some of Ted’s specialties include privacy, low-risk investing, asset protection, taxation, and even international migration. Besides the 16-page, Bauman Newsletter, which both Ted and his father are significant contributors to, Ted also blogs on Ted has covered how some of his stock picks that he recommended to his readers to buy had fared on his blogs. Many of his blog posts also covered investments and tax advice as well as his stock picks.

Bauman’s newsletter provides important techniques as well as strategies for personal wealth accrual. The Bauman Letter is comprised of six sections. The initial two sections of The Bauman Letter are put together by Ted. The second newsletter section, “Forbidden Knowledge,” and the third section, “Unfiltered Insider,” have individual authors. “Chairmans Corner,” is the fourth section, and the fifth section, “Your Voice,” includes questions and comments from subscribers. “Final Thoughts” is the fifth section, where Ted sums ups things.

Ted was born in nation’s capital, but grew up on the Eastern shore of Maryland, before emigrating with his family to South Africa as a youth. Ted currently lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ted earned degrees in both History and Economics from the University of Cape Town. The University of Cape Town is located in South Africa. Ted Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. Ted worked with governments and organizations in South Africa in his adulthood.

Flavio Maluf, a Prominent Entrepreneur

Flavio Maluf, is a Brazilian Businessman born in 1961. He was born to a well-known businessman and politician. He is the current chief executive officer and chairman of the board Eucatex Group. Besides his role at Eucatex Industries, he also serves as the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading services.

Flavio attended the prestigious Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also attended New York University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Visit his article at Business Insider to know more.

Despite the fact that he always wanted to be an entrepreneur, he was forced to be in fulltime employment in his family’s business. However, he took over the leadership of his family’s business in 1997. Eucatex, has been a family business since it was established in 1951 by his father. The company’s main goal is to supply vinyl and laminate floors. It also provides other products including doors, wall partitions, paints, as well as panels. Eucatex Group also supplies beautiful and well-made furniture and toys. All its products are made from wood fibers which is a unique type of wood in Brazil.

Maluf was appointed by his family to take over the business because of his dedication and expertise in management. Since he took over the company, it has consistently made profits. Moreover, the business is now worth millions of dollars. He has managed to use the latest technology to produce quality products.

Under his leadership, the company has opened several subsidiary offices in other countries. It also exports its products to such countries as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Holland. Recently, the company was contracted to supply materials during the construction of stadiums to host world cup and Olympics.

Despite that, he was born into a rich family, Flavio Maluf has managed to create an empire and build wealth through excellent business skills and hard work.

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