Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Can Offer Advice You May Not Find Anywhere Else


VTA Publications is a little-known company in the UK that publishes books and multimedia on finance and investing. CrunchBase writes that this was started by Jim Hunt, and this company isn’t your typical academia book publisher. Instead it’s led by people who want to challenge their readers to think outside the norm and take a few risks. For example, in one of their articles they compare the everyday task of commuting to and from work like riding the zombie train. The point of the article is to open up peoples’ eyes to what starting up a business can do for them if they’re willing to step out of the ongoing day-to-day routine.

VTA Publications has put together a comprehensive collection of learning materials covering a wide range of subjects from learning how to read stock market charts and execute trades, to placing money in alternative futures options, and learning about retirement. They also bring in some of the best business minds for annual seminars, and customers can purchase recordings of those seminars as part of distance course materials. VTA Publications ships their course materials to anywhere in the world, and all users have to do is go to www.vtapublications.co.uk to order them.


But even more interesting is the man behind this company, Jim Hunt. Hunt is an investor and trade strategist who offers tips on how smaller dollar investors can make trades that the big banks don’t want them to know about. He’s started up two programs that deal with trading in “Wealth Wave”, and “Making Mum A Millionaire.” The idea behind “Wealth Wave” is to show investors how they can make an investment in a bear market, and have the profits fall into their hands when they otherwise wouldn’t. And in “Making Mum A Millionaire” Hunt wants to show his audience how just 10 trades can get them a tax-free million-dollar earning. Hunt publishes YouTube video tutorials on using stock charts and on his 2 projects, and users can follow him by going to his channel.

Why Wengie has Become a YouTube Life Hack Sensation

Wengie has become a YouTube life hack sensation. She offers many tips, hacks, and ideas that have helped to make millions of people’s lives simpler. Her innovative techniques will take the hassle out of your everyday routine. She helps you shorten the time it takes to do simple tasks like doing laundry or styling your hair. She even offers organizational tips that will help you to stay on top of your game both at home and while at your workplace. She also gives insight into the pros and cons of making some very important life decisions.
Wengie has taken the internet by storm. Viewers look forward to her daily vlogs (which are blogs in the form of a video rather than print). They are wanting to know just what tips and hacks she has to offer them each day that can help them be more productive, more organize, a better parent, a better spouse, and even more successful financially. While she may not be an expert in every field of knowledge, she has done countless hours of internet research to find out the best methods that she feels will help her readers.
1. In one of her recent YouTube videos, Wengie reviews a beauty product from Japan that helps to whiten your teeth. It’s known as Tooth Makeup. Basically, it looks like a tube of lip balm in liquid form. When applied to dried teeth, it will temporarily whiten your teeth. However, it must be reapplied after a few hours or after you eat or drink something. In another video, she shows viewers how to choose the right type of glasses for their face. Wengie is number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. However, she has fans all over the globe. So check out Wengie’s YouTube Channel here www.youtube.com/user/Wwwengie.

Livio Bisterzo May Just Be the Coolest “Hippea” at Starbucks

livio bisterzo hippeas yello many bags

My first experience with a chickpea was years ago in Texas. It was in the form of Hummus, and I will admit I was not impressed. At that time, the main product in this gray, clay-like product was introduced to me as Garbanzo Beans. I recall it well; it was my introduction to a healthy food new to me in my youthful 18 years.

Fast forward a few decades and it may be fair to say that the Garbanzo Bean (which may also be referred to as the Egyptian Pea as well), has possibly reached Maslow’s top hierarchy of self-actualization. An amazing Italian entrepreneur and businessman by the name of Livio Bisterzo has taken a squishy little legume and made it into a hero. The chickpea is no longer a dull legume waiting to be mashed into a dip. It has morphed into Hippeas, and this popular new snack food is all the latest craze on Starbuck’s healthy grab-and-go menu.

Livio Bisterzo, although of Italian descent, studied at London’s University of the Arts before developing and leaving a trail of successful food and/or beverage businesses. Bisterzo became CEO and developed his latest company Green Park Holdings in 2015. This year, he and his family brought Green Park Holdings to Los Angeles. Along with that move, Bisterzo brought his determination and mission to produce a variety of healthy snacks that are convenient and are attractive to the businessperson who is on the go.

The creatively named Hippeas are developed chickpeas that have come a long way since they were most popular as Hummus dip; Hummus’ greatest attribute was to have enhanced flavors added to the dip. Hippeas are the antithesis of dip; they are crunchy little morsels that are gluten-free and vegan, and they are cooperative travelers. An extensive amount of time was invested in creating two market-friendly varieties: Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita. Bisterzo considered consumers’ senses intensely in the production of these snacks; not only did they need to be healthy, they needed to have just the perfect crunch, savory flavor, and visual appeal. Packaging is bright and cheerful and has modern appeal. Starbucks fans apparently think that Bisterzo has mastered his mission, as Hippeas have hit the market running.

Inside Brian Bonar’s restaurant that is fit for a queen

Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in the small empire of North County. For a start, he began small with the bistro, which is Bellamy’s current home. It has been a while and there a lot of progressive work to say about this bistro. At Bellamy, you are not welcomed by mermaid-hostess on the streets asking you for dinner. Bartenders here sport moustaches and suspenders; it is only because they have done this for decades. For this place, it is the classic cars that bring people together.

Bored teenagers flock the mall food courts with a cranky look and tons of jewelry with them, it seems like every part of the city till you meet the small difference. There is a grandfatherly police at the view of such suspicion. Well, leave the noisy teenagers, her Majesty the Queen recently made a grand entrance to this restaurant too.

At one Tuesday evening, within the company of Princess Royal, she made an entry to the executive eatery. She would tell you that many factors make the choice of a place for a dinner; venue, the ambience, the food, the wine list and perhaps the décor and lighting.

For people that want to see and be seen, then charm your way into Brian Bonar’s restaurant. You will get past the doorman and find yourself in Berkeley’s ladies, be sure to drive into shoals of them. This was the restaurant too where the queen was headed to celebrate the 90th birthday with one of her oldest friends. The former lady-in-waiting Lady Penn celebrated her birthdays here. The distinction with this restaurant is in its high society and aristocracy that brings the highest form of difference.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is simply a lover of design who pays close attention to his approach to principle. He has in the past brought his collective expertise and design to build an executive eatery location. He is an expert in land use approvals, building design, procurement, contract administration guide and development.

These skills have given him the ability to bring stakeholders together for a greater good. The Bellamy’s is one such public display of his good work. It is quite a restaurant, so good that it is literally fit for the queen.

According to Dalrada, throughout his career, Brian Bonar has always developed himself as a leader and someone of good reputation. He is inspired to achieve his goals and lives to the aspirations of his team members, his clients and all the extended partners in his projects.

Brian has a diverse blend of skills and experience. His portfolio features an array of disciples that includes retail, aviation, family housing and more so creative projects. He has beautifully blended his skills to build great teams, great projects, and a great client relationship.

Seattle Genetics and The Founder Clay Siegall Help In The Fight Against Cancer

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that helps with the treatment of cancer. They come up with therapies based on antibodies to help combat cancer. These antibodies help to destroy the cancer cells so that individuals can heal and become Cancer free.

One of the antibodies that Seattle Genetics makes is ADCETRIS. This medication is available in over sixty five different countries. They are currently testing the drug to see if it will become the leading drug to use for certain Cancers. These Cancers include Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, and B-cell Lymphomas.

This company was founded in 1998. Seattle Genetics employees over eight hundred people, that all care about helping people become Cancer free. Seattle Genetics headquarters is in Bothell, Washington.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics and is currently the president of this company. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics because he wanted to help people with Cancer be able to live long and healthy lives. He also founded this company because it was in a field that he is very familiar with. He wanted a company that could help cancer patients through researching and developing drugs that would attack Cancer cells in a person’s body. He has guided Seattle Genetics well and they have produced a lot of different medications that help with Cancer.

Clay attended the University of Maryland. At this university he obtained his B.S. in Zoology. He then moved on to attend The George Washington University where he studied and obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics.

Clay has won several awards throughout the years. In 2012 he won Entrepreneur of the Year from Pacific Northwest Ernest and Young. Then the following year, in 2013, he won the Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences from the University of Maryland.

Seattle Genetics is a great company that employees people that really care about Cancer Patients. Through the leadership of Clay Siegall this company has really helped a lot of people live cancer free. Seattle Genetics will continue to help many more people through it’s research and development of cancer drugs.

A Kindhearted, People Driven Company

Securus Technologies is a communications company that puts its customers’ needs above monetary attainment. When patrons were dealing with a flood crisis in the state of Louisiana Securus decided that the best course of action was to face the disaster by opening their hearts and granting free calling privileges to residents of the state. The main issue with communication that the people of Louisiana are facing is remaining in contact with loved ones who are currently incarcerated in the United States prison system. Watch more on youtube.com.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it tries to develop and produce products that fill the niche of the inmate and his or her family. Communication is difficult to sustain in prison, with the normative methods being in-person visitation on a near regular basis. Visitation requires driving time for family members, wait times in order to meet with their incarcerated loved one and the cold reality that meetings take place in monitored rooms behind glass dividers. Securus provides a mobile application that cuts out all of these awkward components and allows inmates to meet their family members face to face through high quality video calling technology. These mobile applications are free to download, but may incur some calling fees, and are supported on all Android and Apple devices.


Granting Louisianans the ability to make free calls using their application not only increases the customer satisfaction levels of Securus Technologies but also makes their products more viable. Not only are they at a great value but they are also producing a rapport with their clients that ushers in a feeling of compassion in times of need, a concept that other companies might want to consider themselves.


IAP Worldwide Logistics Will Get It Done

IAP Worldwide is a leading provider for logistics in tough scenarios. From passing out food and water in times of environmental crises to setting up information stations in desolate or remote areas of the United States or the globe.

With expertise derived from military personnel, IAP makes a strong standing in the field of difficult logistics. Their knowledge and background from the employees, which drives the company’s strength is founded on logical, strategical and tactical members who’s goal in every scenario is to see the primary result come to fruition regardless of the difficulty.

One of the major advancements that IAP Worldwide has made into actually living up to the name of “worldwide” is the acquisition of the “Aviation and Logistics” as well as the “tactical Communications & Network Solutions” branches of DRS Technologies, Inc. These acquisitions give IAP Worldwide a foundation of land, air, and telecommunications management with regards to getting projects and missions to completion in the most reasonable, logical, and efficient way possible.

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IAP Careers
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide has discussed that their major focus is on customer-focused discipline while maintaining lean operations and a direct connection with government services. Governments are one of IAP Worldwide’s major customers, displaying the integrity of the business, and the trust and confidence that is held in the company.

When the US Air Force or military needs something done through logistics, often IAP will show up as a primary candidate to get the job done. When the Air Force came to IAP Worldwide for the problem of communication to air traffic in Afghanistan, the response of IAP was again quickly executed to develop and provide a solution that satisfied all the needs of the governmental customer. This airbase in Kabul allows for the opportunity for Kabul and Afghanistan to once again become a diplomatic force, and IAP was there to provide it with the leveraged infrastructure it needed when the United States military came calling.

You can follow up on IAP Worldwide on their Facebook page if you want to be updated by their continuing missions, changes in infrastructure, and their commitment to excellence and producing results.

To browse their careers, which offer special opportunities for all backgrounds, but additionally supports veterans, check out their career page.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: https://start.cortera.com/company/research/l1o5swo6q/iap-worldwide-services-inc/

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Booming Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden was featured on Harpers Bazaar magazine listed as one of the top 24 doctors on the cutting edge. Dr. Walden has a waiting list in Texas for a variety of face and body surgeries, including labiaplasty. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the leading Plastic surgery Doctor in Texas for vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty and vaginal cosmetic surgery in Central Texas. She also has done many procedures including breast augmentation, facelift and tummy tuck. After she installed the VECTRA 3D system in her plastic surgery practice for breast augmentation and secondary breast surgery, she was pleasantly surprised to get a lot of media attention on this new technology, the first of its kind in Austin. This technology helps the patient understand what they would look like after surgery, which makes it easier for Dr. Walden to help in the surgical planning process.

She moved from Texas to New York after completing her residency training, to pursue her special interest in aesthetic surgery in New York. She was the Attending Surgeon, Program Director in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, New York. She was also a Clinical Instructor of Plastic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine. Walden continued to work on the Upper East Side for nearly eight years during which she participated in clinical trials which ultimately led to silicon breast implants becoming reintroduced as an option for surgery. Dr. Walden returned to her hometown in Austin to raise her twin boys and be closer to her family. She has her practice in WestLake Hills, Texas and a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Dr. Walden still manages to find time from her demanding schedule to do volunteer work for those in need. Dr. Walden also performs surgery on a charitable basis in third world countries for infants and children born with cleft lips and palates with the non-profit organization from her hometown, Austin Smiles. Dr. Jennifer Walden is known for frequently working on celebrities, she has appeared on many large news channels, such as VH1, FOX, and NBC, to name a few. Dr. Walden is also an established author and has co-authored an award-winning textbook entitled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.