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IAP Worldwide is a leading provider for logistics in tough scenarios. From passing out food and water in times of environmental crises to setting up information stations in desolate or remote areas of the United States or the globe.

With expertise derived from military personnel, IAP makes a strong standing in the field of difficult logistics. Their knowledge and background from the employees, which drives the company’s strength is founded on logical, strategical and tactical members who’s goal in every scenario is to see the primary result come to fruition regardless of the difficulty.

One of the major advancements that IAP Worldwide has made into actually living up to the name of “worldwide” is the acquisition of the “Aviation and Logistics” as well as the “tactical Communications & Network Solutions” branches of DRS Technologies, Inc. These acquisitions give IAP Worldwide a foundation of land, air, and telecommunications management with regards to getting projects and missions to completion in the most reasonable, logical, and efficient way possible.

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IAP Worldwide has discussed that their major focus is on customer-focused discipline while maintaining lean operations and a direct connection with government services. Governments are one of IAP Worldwide’s major customers, displaying the integrity of the business, and the trust and confidence that is held in the company.

When the US Air Force or military needs something done through logistics, often IAP will show up as a primary candidate to get the job done. When the Air Force came to IAP Worldwide for the problem of communication to air traffic in Afghanistan, the response of IAP was again quickly executed to develop and provide a solution that satisfied all the needs of the governmental customer. This airbase in Kabul allows for the opportunity for Kabul and Afghanistan to once again become a diplomatic force, and IAP was there to provide it with the leveraged infrastructure it needed when the United States military came calling.

You can follow up on IAP Worldwide on their Facebook page if you want to be updated by their continuing missions, changes in infrastructure, and their commitment to excellence and producing results.

To browse their careers, which offer special opportunities for all backgrounds, but additionally supports veterans, check out their career page.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: https://start.cortera.com/company/research/l1o5swo6q/iap-worldwide-services-inc/

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