Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Can Offer Advice You May Not Find Anywhere Else


VTA Publications is a little-known company in the UK that publishes books and multimedia on finance and investing. CrunchBase writes that this was started by Jim Hunt, and this company isn’t your typical academia book publisher. Instead it’s led by people who want to challenge their readers to think outside the norm and take a few risks. For example, in one of their articles they compare the everyday task of commuting to and from work like riding the zombie train. The point of the article is to open up peoples’ eyes to what starting up a business can do for them if they’re willing to step out of the ongoing day-to-day routine.

VTA Publications has put together a comprehensive collection of learning materials covering a wide range of subjects from learning how to read stock market charts and execute trades, to placing money in alternative futures options, and learning about retirement. They also bring in some of the best business minds for annual seminars, and customers can purchase recordings of those seminars as part of distance course materials. VTA Publications ships their course materials to anywhere in the world, and all users have to do is go to www.vtapublications.co.uk to order them.


But even more interesting is the man behind this company, Jim Hunt. Hunt is an investor and trade strategist who offers tips on how smaller dollar investors can make trades that the big banks don’t want them to know about. He’s started up two programs that deal with trading in “Wealth Wave”, and “Making Mum A Millionaire.” The idea behind “Wealth Wave” is to show investors how they can make an investment in a bear market, and have the profits fall into their hands when they otherwise wouldn’t. And in “Making Mum A Millionaire” Hunt wants to show his audience how just 10 trades can get them a tax-free million-dollar earning. Hunt publishes YouTube video tutorials on using stock charts and on his 2 projects, and users can follow him by going to his channel.

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