George Street Photography and Video Is Always Ready To Capture Your Event

The George Street Photo and Video Locations shop was established by several young men in Indiana on George Street to share their concepts across the country. Working on a collaborative concept, affiliates have been established all across the nations who, with similar aspirations, offer George Street designed work for application to weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, corporate events, and other gala occasions.

If you are having a wedding in Philadelphia, for example, it is not a problem to locate George Street professionals who will gladly help you build your theme and capture the memories of all time, whether you want photos, videos, or both.

Philadelphia offers many exciting venues to host your wedding event. Why not consider the Valley Forge Casino Resort located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. There are many all-inclusive extras at this resort, and the sumptuous environment is a great background for your George Street professionals.

Or perhaps, for a more formal feel, the Hotel Monaco in downtown Philadelphia will be more to your taste. Located right across from the Liberty Bell, the historic section of the city will add a regal atmosphere to your event. George Street personnel will portray the lasting memories for you exclusively.


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