Sam Boraie, The Man Who Gave New Brunswick Its Look

Sam Boraie is a renowned name in the real estate business. He is the current President of Boraie developments. His ambition to start Boraie Developments was inspired by the enormous growth he witnessed in Europe when he traveled and lived there as a scholar during his youthful years. Boraie Developments majors in real estate developments and property management. Omar is commonly referred to as the pillar of New Brunswick, mainly because he is the man who gave it the beauty we see today.

Before Sam Boraie and his top-rated company started operations, lethargy and dull appearance graced New Brunswick. The city was dreadful, empty and rather mysterious. Tired of the monotony that overwhelmed the city, Sam Boraie decided to do something that would transform it. According to NY Times, the visionary developer embarked on a unique mission of creating a new city from scratch. Although his plan seemed crazy and many questioned if it could work, Omar was determined to make it a reality. Undeterred, Omar bought all the twenty-one dilapidated and vacant buildings in the city and began to work on them applying his skills and the advanced technology. Gradually, his plan came to be, and the city started to take shape.

Two of his projects Albany Street Plaza Tower One and Tower Two presented the city with a world-class office space. The city started to draw media attention, and more people began to flock the city. As if that was not enough, Omar decided to give New Brunswick its first New York City-style spring street condominiums. His vision bore the tallest building in New Brunswick with twenty-five stories, 10,000 square feet of retail, and an enormous outdoor space.

The residents can now enjoy an evening walk on the streets thanks to Boraie. Recently, more companies are flocking the city to take advantage of the strategically located spaces. The exquisiteness that graces the country has been attracting people to its ranks. Tourism has skyrocketed. As a result, the rate of unemployment in New Brunswick has gone down at an astonishing rate. Undeniably, with Omar on its side, the future of New Brunswick will be great.

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