Light And Refreshing EOS Flavors

When I look for a lip balm, I look for one that has a delightful flavor. EOS has a line of lip balms that are mesmerizing from the way that they smell to the way they taste on the lips. There are several flavors to choose from, but there are a few that I enjoy more than others. Each EOS lip balm is made of natural ingredients that include vitamin E and shea butter. These ingredients give the lips a soft feel and a plump look without too much effort.


The blueberry is perhaps my favorite as it’s also my favorite fruit to eat, shop at The smell from the container reminds me of a bowl of fresh berries with a bit of cream on top. It’s not really sweet, but there’s not really a bitter flavor when it’s on the lips. I enjoy the aroma when I open the purple container. The blueberry flavor lingers on the lips for some time after I apply it, which is a benefit since I work in an office all day.


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Another EOS lip balm favorite flavor is vanilla bean. It’s a simple flavor that blends well with other scents that I’m wearing during the day. The balm isn’t one that’s overpowering or that leaves a burning sensation on my lips.


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