Some of Wengie’s Hair Hacks for Gorgeous Hair

Wengie recommends using hair vitamins for soft manageable hair. She especially suggests that you get Sugar Bear vitamins to bring life to your hair. These vitamins can be purchased on Amazon.


For hack number two, Wengie says that healthy hair starts on the inside, as the phrase goes you are what you eat. She recommends you make sure you have Omega 3, for shine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, thiamine, and folic acid for strength. These vitamins are great for people who are trying to maintain a vegetarian diet.


Be sure you clean your brush out. A dirty brush on newly washed hair spreads old grease and oil into the hair. The hair can be removed with a fine tooth comb or a kitchen skewer. Get a pan filled with hot water, get an old toothbrush and put some shampoo on it and scour the hairbrush bristles. Rinse the hairbrush in the pan and finally towel dry the hair brush.


If you want to unsure great smelling hair, take a dryer sheet and place it over the brush. Make sure that you push the sheet down so the brush bristles come through. The dryer sheet and bristles will detangle your hair making your hair smell nice.


In order to make your hair seem longer, take half your hair in the back and tie into the usual ponytail. Take the clump of hair that is underneath the first ponytail and tie it a little lower. For more hair hacks, watch this video.


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