How End Citizens United Could Save America

The push to make legislative change in Washington D.C., for the sake of the people, is upon us. End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established by president Tiffany Muller. Her goal was simple: to bring equality back to Washington legislation by ending one of the most horrific and damaging Supreme Court cases in recent memory: the 2010 Citizens United decision. This decision, of course, involved a conservative group named Citizens United as they lobbied the Supreme Court to open the books and allow for more lobbying and special interest in the political machine. The decision passed, somehow, and since then the U.S. government has been completely beholden by corporate millionaires. End Citizens United looks to change this all.


Tiffany Muller knows that the long path to ending Citizens United is still ahead of her, but there are some great signs that things might be finally going in the right direction. For starters, since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States there has been a surge in donors and activists looking to make End Citizens United a reality. The goal of the group is to get legislation set in place in order to repeal the Citizens United decision. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it is going to take a ton of hard work in order to get there.


Over the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United saw an amazing surge in donations that amounted to an eye popping $4 million. These donations came almost exclusively from small donors with the average amount given only near $12. This PAC was created for the people and it is being run by the people, so the proof is in the pudding that End Citizens United is operating completely separate from special interests of their own. The PAC has seen over 100,000 people give money to the cause while an additional 40,000 have literally donated their time to attend and promote the group at activist meetings. Muller says, “This is their way of fighting back.” Muller goes on to say that Democrats, moderate conservatives, and independents are all furious at the way that President Trump is belittling the Presidency while destroying the nation.


End Citizens United doesn’t have a new mission, at least not in the grand scheme of things, and they aren’t the first group to really go after the Citizens United decision. However, Muller and her group are by far the most effective because they know what it takes to get the job done. In order for End Citizens United to make their name a reality they will have to help fund politicians who are ready to introduce legislation that destroys Citizens United.



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