Caring for Her Community – Mrs. Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage has been serving the Boston metropolitan area for over twenty years with her expertise in the area of family and marriage counseling for both individuals and couples. She received her psychology degrees in 1981 from the University of Southern California.

Her belief in the community has led her to volunteer and serve in various community activities. She is well known and respected in her community and her valuable and unique skills have helped many patients achieve stable, healthy lives.

She and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, a successful chemist, believe in serving their community. They offered up a financial donation to MIT for the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space. The Rocklages were honored for a sizable donation to renovate the lab of Moungi Bawendi.

When approached about possibly helping with a donation, they answered with an immediate and affirmative reaction. The couple believes in giving back to the community that has helped them achieve their potential. The Rocklages were honored with a plaque hanging in the newly remodeled labs.

Patty Rocklage and her husband began work on their Sudbury, Massachusetts home in an entire exterior and interior home renovation project.

They chose Ed Freedlender of The Sudbury Companies to carry out this project. They redesigned an older exisitng home and made vast improvements to the existing structure and grounds while keeping an eye on protecting their environment.

Their home was located in the buffer zone of the local wetlands and all work done on the house had to meet with the approval of the conservation committee.

Rocklage is also very dedicated to serving her community of Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is a volunteer of the Sudanese Education Fund. This foundation helps people who have relocated from Sudan to Massachusetts, by helping them find education, stable jobs and economic stability.

Mrs. Rocklage is considered a warm, sensitive psychotherapist who does her best to connect with her clients and help them deal with their struggles and get their lives back on track while always maintaining strict confidentiality. Patty Rocklage is considered an asset to her community.

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