Lacey and Larkin Role in Supporting Organizations that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrants Rights

Global Rights is a multinational human rights advocacy organization that promotes and protects the rights of the marginalized members of society. It does so by focusing on capacity building. The organization was founded in 1978 in Washington DC and was going by the name of International Human Rights Law Group before it was changed to Global Rights.

Lacey & Larkin’s Global Rights headquarters were devolved to Burundi and Nigeria in December 2014, and the organization has maintained the two offices in Africa up to date. Global Rights works with the local African activists to protect and promote the rights of all the marginalized community members in the region.

The organization provides training and technical assistance to enable the local partners to record and expose any case of human rights abuse and to conduct outreach and community mobilization, and advocate for policy and legal reforms.

Global Rights gives a voice to the grassroots organizations and activists and betters their capacity in solving human rights inequalities or violations by forwarding their grievances to the regional and international establishments that deal with Humanitarian rights like the United Nations.

Global Rights integrates the human rights policies with the processes for Business Enterprises through creation of policy statements, in relation to a company’s activities in a way that shows commitment to responsible business practices.

Global rights does due diligence to make sure that business operations are in compliance with international standards and regulations such as the International Labour Organization.

It also designs an internal grievance mechanism to assist businesses whenever such issues arise with the help of a human rights policy statements template, internal grievance mechanism template and due diligence questionnaires for the beneficiaries.

Global Rights partners with civil society organizations to monitor and document all cases of human rights violations. It also designs advocacy strategies with the government of various countries and the management of companies.

Their main goal is to sensitize the community on their civil and human rights and to improve their skills and knowledge of the same. This allows the community members to make rational decisions in future that are not violating human and civil rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

All marginalized communities have a challenge of understanding and standing up for their own legal rights especially when there is need to involve legal institutions. Equality when it comes to accessing justice is a matter of concern and there is need to sensitize the communities of the same so that they can make use of the existing legal structures. Global Rights, therefore, is more interested in the challenges vulnerable communities face.

They aid the poor to find legal systems and increase the government accountability to the existing legislations that protect their rights. Global Rights challenges the ongoing injustice and support the grassroots activists to help them fulfill the human rights by working hand in hand with individuals groups.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey dedicated their settlement money of $3.75 million from their arrest into Frontera funds to support organizations that advocate for the rights of immigrants in Arizona. The two received the settlement money following their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on 18th October in 2007 and were later released following a public outcry. They went ahead to file a case and when they won, the two dedicated the settlement money to support the Hispanic community in what we can refer to as a noble gesture.

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