The Elaborate Style of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is the leader at Richard Mishaan Design, one of New York’s finest design groups. Richard Mishaan Design has been in business for over 25 years at this point and it seems like each year has been better in some fashion than the last. Of course, you can chalk that up to the hardworking team that Mishaan himself has assembled. But truly, much of the reason for their success goes up to Richard Mishaan himself. Richard Mishaan has brought a revolutionary style to the city of New York and he has been wowing the city’s one percenters ever since Richard Mishaan Design first opened their doors.

The key to what Richard Mishaan does is all in how you interact with the client. Mishaan firmly believes in giving the customer a room that looks like something they themselves would create. You would never want to walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room and KNOW that it was a Mishaan work. Richard Mishaan Design is a chameleon of a designer that focuses on crafting ultra sleek, modern and throwback interiors that give clients exactly what they hoped for — and he does it without kowtowing to convention.

In fact, Richard Mishaan typically dislikes catering to all of the big spending guidelines that have become so popular among his wealthy clients. Mishaan says, “I think it’s really more about having an eye than having a certain amount of money.” He’s not wrong, either. You can take a look at some of his high profile work at the suites inside of the St. Regis or you can traipse down to Bogota to see the famous Cartagena House. No matter what the budget is, Mishaan brings his A-Game in order to wow the crowd and win over his client. All eyes are on Mishaan and that’s how he likes it.

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