IncrediBites – Healthy Alternative For Smaller Dogs

As Beneful continues to provide quality alternatives for dog owners when it comes to healthy and real food, BenefulIncrediBites does not fail to live up to the same standard. This real beef dry dog food is formulated specifically for adult dogs that are small size-wise. It is produced in a way to target the smaller dog’s high metabolism, with addition of calcium that will support their bones and teeth development.

The ingredients within the product are, but not limited to, real beef or chicken, rice and soy flour, sugar, salt, dried vegetables, Vitamin E, Zinc, and many more. Every cup of the product will carry 27 grams of high-quality protein, as well as 23 essential vitamins and minerals within a low-calorie meal. The cost of the product is a little under a dollar per pound, and there are coupons in production that will allow the buyers to utilize a $2 discount on the price of the product regardless of its size.

Therefore, as owners continue to enjoy the proven products of Beneful, it is just a matter of time before their dogs get a chance to try IncrediBites that are custom built for smaller dogs and their development. The high protein and vitamin-rich meal almost seems like an addition that every dog should have in their diet, since their bone and teeth health will benefit from it.


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