The Richard Mishaan Design Approach to Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is one of the premier interior designers working out of New York City. Born in Cartagena, Colombia Richard Mishaan was quick to travel the world. He was raised partly in Colombia and partly in Italy and the upbringing allowed the man to see different styles and designs early on in life. In 1978 Richard Mishaan Design opened their doors in New York City. Mishaan took time to study at both New York University as well as the Columbia University School of Architecture. His education and upbringing has made Richard Mishaan Design one of the most innovative design firms in the city.

The focus of a Richard Mishaan Design room is never on Richard Mishaan himself. Despite being a charismatic and unique individual, Mishaan knows that the focus should always be on the owner of the home. You never walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room and exclaim, “Wow, what a great Mishaan design.” Instead, you think: “This room fits the owner perfectly.” Even still, Mishaan has already solidified a unique style that savvy design fans will be able to spot at a glance. Let’s dig into what makes a Mishaan project so interesting.

Richard Mishaan Design focuses on modern excellence while still maintaining just a bit of minimalism. Despite these relatively modern terms, Mishaan is never afraid to showcase his upbringing. Richard Mishaan Design believes in color and layering designs and textures. You can see his work in the famous Cartagena Vacation House or in the Shelburne Hotel as well as the Trump World Towers. Mishaan knows how to create something unique and stylish without ever having to cater to lavishness.

Richard Mishaan believes in putting together high quality rooms with quality pieces. He believes in artwork and luxury but also in understanding that value supersedes everything. You can see his work in his latest published works.

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