Rodrigo Terpins Exudes Talent and Commitment in Rallying

The great Rodrigo Terpins is not only good in sports. He possesses incredible entrepreneurial skills. Having served as an operations manager for Lojas Marisa between 1991 and 2007, he can definitely pass for an excellent team manager and player. However, Rodrigo is well known for his racing skills. With multiple track records pointing towards his success, Rodrigo can be emulated in many ways. His passion for rallying sets him apart as a committed, talented sports man.


Rodrigo is closely related to one Jack Terpins, his mentor. It just so happens that Jack is his father. Jack is also a household name in Brazilian sports. The father of two talented sons was in charge of a basketball team more than ten years ago. Sources continue to indicate that he was one passionate fellow with a keen focus on exceeding his fan’s expectations. Following in Jack’s footsteps, Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Sertoes Rally Team. His partner Fabricio is a good friend and co-driver. The duo seems to be in a friendly place given their ability to accommodate each other and work towards success. Rodrigo has a brother with whom they share a lot in common.


At Sao Paulo’s Bull Sertoes, Rodrigo has an excellent track record defined by tremendous achievement. With the good performance, he has registered at Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo is a mentor to many sports prospects. Consistently participating in tough races, he keeps on emerging a winner, ranking among the best ten. In the 2014 twenty-second edition, Rodrigo and Fabricio managed to bag the eighth position. The rough terrain did not hinder his ability to give the best to his fans. Coupled with a few other challenges like the car’s technicality, Rodrigo is an overcomer.


Aside from bagging the eighth position, Rodrigo Terpins landed podium finishes. Twice did he achieve that in Prototype T1. Grabbing position three in that competition, Fabricio and Rodrigo made a name following their efforts and commitment. In a statement on Google News concerning the games he has been part of, Rodrigo acknowledges his efforts in giving his best.,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html

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