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Do you really want to build muscle and not waste time? Well, this article was written to help busy people build muscle and lose weight in a very short length of time. For a muscle mass training program, training must be intense, frequent, heavy and composed of basic exercises. This article will, therefore, help you discover the essential steps that will allow you to progress in the long term because that’s how you will have the best results.


Here are the important points that you need to respect in order for your muscle mass training program to work. During this period, it will be necessary to favor compound exercises which will allow big gains in muscular mass and strength. The basic exercises of muscle mass gain are those that work for the large muscle groups. Therefore, apply these methods to your workouts and you’ll build muscle.


Here are some points to follow for your muscle mass training program. Remember, some big series of squats stimulate the calves and some good traction series intensely work the flexors of the forearms. Also, use the basic exercises, as the basic exercises are the most effective to achieve a global mass gain.


Basic exercises are also often polyarticular. That is to say that they will work several muscles and joints at the same time. Also, do not do any other sports activity, no running, no cardio, etc.


Believe me, there is a way to achieve these amazing results. With proper planning, repeated workouts can enhance gene activation to achieve a higher level of activity and muscle growth. Give the muscles time to recover from the session and sleep as much as your schedule allows.


The number of repetitions is perhaps the most important element and will make the biggest difference compared to other types of training programs. You will waste your effort if you resort to excessive repetitions to literally destroy the slightest muscle fiber in your arms. As a result, you will shoot yourself in the foot and slow down your muscle gain.


Therefore, a workout must be balanced to work the opposing muscles in an equivalent way in terms of the number of exercises, series or frequency of work. In addition, each worked muscle sends a slight anabolic signal to all the other muscles of the body, via the circulatory system. Opposing exercises are therefore an excellent method to stimulate the muscles quickly and effectively.


For a beginner or an intermediate practitioner, the number of repetitions must be between 9 and 12 repetitions per series (except for special cases). Because with less than 5 repetitions, you will mainly work strength, and with too many repetitions (more than a dozen) you will mainly work on your stamina. Always end with a last, slightly lighter run until you fail to fully saturate and congest the muscle.


Considering that there are specific programs for mass gain does not mean anything. That is because that would mean that other programs of body-building are useless because the goal of body-building is to grow muscles. That’s why it is advisable to beef up your arms three times a week up to the fourth week, then reduce the workout to one session per week during the fifth week.


In times of mass gain, to ensure good muscle growth, training must be adapted. But training is only part of a good bodybuilding program, nutrition is responsible for more than half of the results. Have a proper nutritional regime, so that the body has the right amount of macronutrients to build muscle and recover quickly. That’s why I advise the partial rest approach to respect your limits and thereby develop your muscle mass and your strength.


The interesting point of this concept, revealed by the research carried out on this subject, is that if your diet is sufficient in proteins, calories and carbohydrates, and you have opted for the right food supplements, you can really take advantage of a bodybuilding program. For mass gain, you must pay attention to the meal that follows your bodybuilding training. Do not forget that intensive training will stimulate your appetite not only after the session but also the next day.


For muscle mass gain you should eat 1 gram of protein and 2 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight per day depending on your fat percentage and your training volume. It is during recovery that muscle growth is made, and do not forget that fact. It is, therefore, necessary to eat more often, to increase the quantities and to eat excess calories which will place your body in a good condition to make muscle.


Overtraining does not usually exist in itself, and only a few rare high-level athletes can reach it, but under-nourishment is very real. To gain more and more muscle mass, there is no big secret, you must simply regularly increase your calories. Pre-packaged dinners like Nutrisystem for men will also help you consume nutritious meals, as makes clear.

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