How to Create a Powerful Effect with a Molding-Wallpaper Combo

Wallpaper is an age-old decorating element that can be used anywhere in a home. Whether you apply it in your bedroom, kitchen, family room, or bathroom, it has more power than plain paint on the walls in adding patterns, textures, and sophistication. However, its charm and beauty can be increased manifold if you combine it with crown moldings and trims. Let’s find out how a molding-wallpaper combo can entirely change the ambiance of your interiors.

Be Bold with Black.


What should be the color of your crown molding designs? It seems a no-brainer! It will be white, off-white, or something similar. Well, don’t follow the trend blindly. Back in the days, especially during the middle of the nineteenth centuries, people used black on the baseboards to hide the dirt and stain. The trim shade was also used to be darker than the walls. Alex Mouldings offered modern crown molding designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

So, if you want to make a statement or a powerful impact, choose black moldings and trims. These will draw out the real potency of the wallpaper to be the star of a room. You can install moldings with a wide profile or just a sleek outline. Anything black will define the shape of the wallpaper and make it look bolder.

Or, Create a Contrast for Impact.

White trims on dark wallpaper also work well for creating a striking presence. You can use white trims to outline a graphic wallpaper to create a focal point. Nonetheless, the use of simple frame-shaped trims on the wallpaper will also make the whole composition pop out.

Go for the Classic – A Black and White Combo.


Many people will automatically choose white crown moldings for a black-and-white wallpaper. Well, there’s no hard and fast rule. Follow your heart and design sense while choosing the trim and molding color. It could be black, white, or a good mix of the two. For example, keep the moldings and trims black but apply white on the door and window casing for a black-and-white wallpaper. It will also be a good choice if you don’t feel confident experimenting with any other color. The palette will be monochromatic, but the clever mixing of the two opposite colors will look anything but boring.

 Try Similar Shades.


Most designers will choose white trim by default when working with wallpaper that has two almost similar tones. Well, you can do much more than just following this clichéd trick. Pick one of the two tones and paint the moldings and trims one shade darker. Unless the wallpaper features a black, deep navy, or a similar dark color, this method will work well. Another trick is to pick one color of the wallpaper and apply it on the moldings and trims. Choose exactly the same color and see how it engages views with a surprisingly transient appearance.

 Pack a Punch with Patterns.


If you don’t mind choosing your fabrics in clashing prints, it’s probably time for you to apply that method on a larger scale. Choose bold printed wallpaper for the walls and combine it with chair rails or crown moldings. Now, you can choose the panels in a simple profile to keep the focus exclusively on the wallpaper. On the other hand, slightly decorated molding panels won’t be a bad idea too as both the elements can combinedly pack a punch.

It will be a good idea to dress just one wall with such bold-printed wallpaper and keep the rest of the color palette as neutral as possible. The simplified use of colors will save the place from looking ostentatious and busy.

Combining wallpaper with crown moldings and trims is a brilliant idea. It’s a fresh approach to the interior decoration and opens up the scope for applying many new concepts. However, if you don’t think about their color combination, you will be missing out a lot. Choosing the right shade for the moldings will complement and even enhance the wallpaper.

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