More Efforts Done By George Soros To Fund Charities Who Helps Communities In Desperate Situations

George Soros is a well-known billionaire in the US and also a recognized philanthropist. He has long been in the financial industry where he became a rich and wealthy man due to his efforts in making his desires come true. He is known to be a serious person who takes his work very seriously and never quits till he achieves. His desire for success has come a long way where he could do everything in every sector which he engaged making sure that he has achieved what took him there. Throughout his life, he had a heart of helping the society around him and known to have a good heart towards people as he has been engaged in charity works since 1979 using his funds to help communities build themselves too as he has done for himself.

If there is a person who has made a great impact on the society, then it is one and only George Soros, he had amazed the world recently when he announced an $18 billion charity towards the transferred the bulk of his wealth to his charitable organization, the Open Society Foundations. He transferred the funds to this sprawling of charity groups who engage helping helpless communities around the world where there is the need for humanitarian assistance due to aggressive issues such as human crisis such as ethnic wars.

The organization is involved in assisting people in more than a 100 countries on various projects which mainly involves the provision of public health, relief for refugees and any other needs that arise from conflict areas such as disease control, medicine and access to clean water. These situations can sometimes escalate, and these organizations find themselves out of funds to cater to the rising needs, and this is the reason he gave out most of his wealth to these charities.

The $18 billion charity is noted to worth 80 percent of his wealth as he had a net worth of $23 billion before the transfer to the charity. Since he started his charity works after launching the Soros Fund Management, George Soros has donated more than $12 billion within four decades. Some of his major charity works go along way back when he facilitated the black South Africans during Apartheid to acquire education through the provision of scholarships.

George Soros efforts did not stop there as he went ahead to provide printers in the eastern Europe to help people reproduce texts that were prohibited and banned by most of the communist governments during the Cold War era. His efforts also include integrating the Europe’s Roma when they were divided within ethnical sidelines and facing scrambling into parts as a result of various reasons and hatred that was spreading first within the European communities during the cold war. The funds will help the society to continue its efforts in promoting democracy and human rights activities where cases of injustices are prevalent especially in the Middle East. The organization is hoping to educate these societies in providing necessary equipment to demand their rights where they are suppressed and preventing violence against humanity.

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