The End Citizens United (ECU)

The End Citizen United is Political Action Committee based in the US. The organization was formed in 2015. Its headquarters are located in Washington Dc. Tiffany Muller holds the position of the President and Executive Director. Since its formation, End Citizens United has been focusing on reversing the U.S Supreme Court decision in 2010 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commision. It has a goal to drive big money out of politics to help in electing “campaign-finance reform champions” to Congress. The committee does this by contributing and looking for ways to make nobody to support these candidates and also aid in running of various independent expenditures.

After it was launched on March 1st, 2015, the End Citizens United took part in the 2016 election. That was its first cycle. ECU spent approximately 25 million to fund the candidates as well as taking care of other expenditures. This was not a bad beginning for End Citizens United as the cycle was run smoothly.

End Citizens United has been recognized as one of the largest committees to contribute in endorsing power to Senators such as Catherine Cortez Masto and Maggie Hassan. This was during the 2016 election. ECU has also supported Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Russ Feingold, Jon Ossoff, Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren. The organization spent around $4.4 million during this election. By mid-2017, End Citizens United had raised more than $7.5 million. This was a great achievement for the company and they hope to raise more than $35 for the election cycle in 2018. This is because they have gained more reliable donors who are willing to support their work.

End Citizen United is on a mission to scrap off the corruption that is being entertained in the electoral systems. This is the main reason they are in support of the Democrats who they believe will help the nation in this critical issue. Democrats portray their efforts in reforming the campaign finance system, which does the country no good. They believe that under Democrats leadership, the United States will experience reforms that will benefi the nation as a whole.

To shut down the billionaires who are working hard to buy the elections, End Citizens United has a plan that includes electing of pro-reform candidates, bringing forth the issue of money usage in politics to be a national concern, using ballot measure campaigns for passing pro-reform laws among others. According to the Director, the End Citizens United has just begun its work. There is more in store for the upcoming election cycles and they hope they will have made enough money to support their candidates. End United Citizens committee believe that their efforts will eventually bear fruits.

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