How Mark Mofid grew his business and brings value to his clients

It’s no surprise that the field of cosmetic surgery is competitive. With traditional medical insurance not picking up the tab customers are much more likely to comparison shop and find the best value for their money. It can be very difficult for a cosmetic surgery practitioner to provide both an excellent quality of care combined with a price that is competitive in the local market.

When looking for examples of best practices, Mark Mofid is one of the first names that comes to mind. Starting out initially in an 850 square foot space he has considerably grown his practice to accommodate the newest treatments as well as tried and true methods.

The way Mark Mofid built his practice was a mix of conventional and unconventional business philosophy. One of the most conventional pieces of advice he gives newcomers is to never put the cart before the horse. With so many procedures, options, and new technology it can be very tempting to invest heavily and things that you are not comfortable with. Mark Mofid started his practice small and grew it from there once he had established his client base and experience.

On the unconventional side of things is his staffing practices. Mark Mofid wholly believes that “experience is overrated” and that some of his best employees have been diamonds in the rough. This makes quite a bit of sense for generalist positions such as front office staff. In many cases it’s more important for a person to be driven and motivated rather than have experience. Sometimes this experience can be a detriment if too many bad habits are learned.

It is important to note however that you cannot expect to retain quality employees forever. You should expect and actively seek out employees who want to advance in their careers. You may not be able to keep them forever, but you this is the only way to ensure that you only hire the most driven and motivated people.

These combined techniques have made Mark Mofid a standout in his industry. These lessons are often applicable not only to cosmetic surgery, but also to small business and entrepreneurship as a whole.

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How the Chainsmokers Are Doing Music Differently: A Talk With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Even if you don’t listen to the radio that much, you’ve probably heard “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. “Closer” quickly ascended up music charts around the world, and the addictive chorus coupled with effective lyrics made a great musical package. However, like most songs, knowing the people behind the music makes listening to it all the better. Fortunately, Interview Magazine recently conducted an interview with The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are made up of two individuals, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, and the duo is doing truly special work as they continue to collaborate together as both DJs and lovers of music.

Given the obvious talent of both Pall and Taggart, one might wonder how the pair ended up together. Luckily, Interview Magazine’s interview opens with this type of inquiry, asking how the two both fell in love with music and eventually became acquainted with one another. Pall described his early life, mentioning the transition he experienced from being a DJ “on-the-side” to doing so full time. Taggart also shed light on his personal life, making interesting comments about his apparently early preference of electronic music. According to Taggart, he was often made fun of for his early adoption of electronic music and the styles that often accompany love of the genre. Regardless, Taggart pushed forward with his musical passions, and he and Pall were eventually united through a manager. According to the interview’s next question, the two quickly understood one another, and it didn’t take long for the music to start coming.

It’s been four years since the two met up for the first time, and since they’ve started making music and evolving, they have learned about their shared ambitions. According to Pall, their early stages included many days of working from 9 AM to 7 PM. This dedication didn’t come from wanting to treat their work like a “regular job,” but instead to give their craft the attention it deserves. The two have continued to subvert the expectations of the DJ genre. Of course, the two also emphasize the personal connection their music makes with listeners: “People related to our music on such a deeper level, and we want that to be the case more and more.” This quote shows the trajectory Pall wants to follow, and him and Taggart both have a great chance of making this happen if they continue to make music of the caliber they recently have.

Michel Terpins is a Revered Rally Driver who doubles as a Role Model.

All too often, rally drivers entertain us with their remarkable racing skills. Of course, behind the curtains of the major racing event are people who aspire to be rally drivers. So for such people, it is always critical to identify a potential rally driver who is not only successful but also focused on excelling in future endeavors. One such person is Michel Terpins. Terpins is known in Brazil’s racing fraternity. As a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, he has achieved tremendous success for a 40-year-old man.

A Look into Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is Jack Terpin’s son. Jack is a former basketball player whose achievements as a player earned him recognition in many ways. He even had the chance to work with the team as a team leader. His roles encompassed overseeing the entire operation of the team. Most fundamentally, Mr. Jack Terpins invested in acquiring the right resources to empower his players. It would be correct to say that Michel Terpins, having grown up next to his father, developed a particular passion for sports at that moment.


As a dedicated member of the Sertoes Rally Team, Michel Terpins has always lynched the first position in rally racing. Just recently, he had the opportunity to participate in the 25th segment of the Sertoes Rally. With his partner Maykel Justo, the duo perfected their art and landed in the first five positions.


In a race that had three stages, Michel Terpins won two of the stages. Even the technical experiences could not deter him from winning. Moreover, Terpins has been racing since 2002. This translates to the vast skills he has as a rally driver. With about one decade of experience, he has worked with Rodrigo Terpins, his brother. Together, they founded Sertoes Rally Championship.


The past few years have seen Michel Terpins contributing to mentorship programs in Brazil’s racing platform. Having participated in several tournaments, he is well versed with the requirements of making it in the industry. Therefore, he is a role model to many who aspire to join the racing industry. Terpins’ career continues to grow following his vast experience.

Susan McGalla Says You Can Balance Being A Mother With Your Career

Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and a part-time executive consultant at P3, and she’s given many interviews about her career to Pittsburgh news outlets. She’s also written an article about balancing your life between career and being a full-time mother. Some of her keys to maintaining a healthy balance include staying in shape, planning out your day and getting rest when you can. McGalla says it takes a lot of energy moving from work to attending to children coming home from school and managing their activities, and any rest you can get will be of great help. And just taking about 10 or 15 minutes here and there to do jogging or other workouts can be very important to your well-being.

Susan McGalla has worked hard throughout her career to become one of the first major female executives in Pittsburgh and an expert in fashion and apparel branding. She grew up in East Liverpool, OH and after completing her bachelor’s degree moved to Pittsburgh and worked for a little over 10 years at the Joseph Horne Company. McGalla became interested in what the fashion retail brand American Eagle was doing, and she joined them and offered some in-store marketing ideas for women’s apparel as a local merchandising officer in 1994. But several years later she gained higher influence at the company as she became Chief Merchandising Officer and eventually president of the company. During her time in that role American Eagle upgraded its headquarters and even noted that it increased its appeal to female customers by the time McGalla left.

Susan McGalla has been involved with other key businesses including HFF Inc., a real estate firm and is also a former trustee at the University of Pittsburgh. She has recently announced the new rollout of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s pro shop and its new interactive website design. She not only advises executive leaders and marketing departments at P3, but she’s spoken at business conferences and female leadership meetings about how young women can reach their goals without using the gender card.

Mark Mofid Telling Truth About Gluteal Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid read the articles just like the rest of the world. He knows that only a fake doctor would use a can of tire inflation material to give a woman a butt lift. Mark Mofid is talking about what a few others won’t, yes, the butt lift. This process is known as a gluteal augmentation and when done correctly, it is safe.

Let’s face it, Dr. Mofid understands that this process is always in the news but, it’s never positive. However, the process is getting a bad rap and the good doctor feels it needs to be talked about in a positive light because in the right hands and circumstances, the lift can be accomplished. Mark Mofid says the key is to not over do it. Dr. Mofid tells his peers and his patients he never does anything that increases the risk of complications. If a patient begs and pushes him to go larger than life, he informs them of the risks and dangers and tells them he will not over do it.

Mark Mofid is a Harvard and John Hopkins trained surgeon. With his highly sharpened surgical skills and his skills for out of the box thinking, Dr. Mofid does more than just the gluteal augmentation, but he is confident in his approach to doing this surgery. Having said that, Dr. Mofid uses his surgical skills to do other processes too.

One of the things Dr. Mark talks about to other doctors who run a plastic surgery practice is how to think about the whole process and not just the operation. An important thing to think about is that the doctor has to make sure he or she is doing a service and not a disservice to the patient. Plastic surgery should help the patient to look better, feel better and leave them in a better condition after the work is done. There are ethics involved and Dr. Mark does not draw his line in the sand, his ethics are the same each and every time. He strives for the best outcome for the patients wants and needs. Check more details here

Dr. Mark Mofid: Reconstructing An Industry

If you live in the San Diego and La Jolla area, you may have heard the name Dr. Mark Mofid around but who is he? What does he do?

Dr. Mark Mofid is a celebrated, cosmetic surgeon whose mission’s core foundation is based on principles like quality services for patients and staff involved in the process of a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Through his practice, Dr. Mofid is committed to giving his patients the best experience through focused and dedicated consultations, as well as an extraordinarily, well rounded foundation of surgical knowledge.

This foundation’s stem began to sprout when Dr. Mofid attended Harvard University, receiving his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude. The surgeon then went on to complete his medical training at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he trained in general and plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid is now a board-certified surgeon in his area, as well as being American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery certified.

While his accomplishments surpass those in his field, there is more to the doctor and practice that meets the eye. What sets Dr. Mofid – or anyone who excels in their field – apart, is innovative thinking and the confidence to follow through with new approaches. Every industry has the capability to evolve, but it is the innovative thinkers who change the game and set the path.

An example of Dr. Mofid’s past innovation includes designing is own Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant for Implantech. Designing his own gluteal implant created a pathway for his own practice, solving problems such as eliminating time consuming and cost-effective revision butt augmentations and creating a more tapered, proportionate, and natural shape.

Dr. Mark Mofid is unlike any other cosmetic surgeon in the San Fransisco and La Jolla area. He strives to change perceptions of his line of work through skill, knowledge, experience and perfection. He is passionate about his clients, creating surgical encounters that are invaluable, as well as proving that he is a master of reconstruction, in more ways than one.

Mark Mofid

How Dr. Mark Mofid Brings Satisfaction Through Plastic Surgery Services

Mark Mofid has featured skills and experience accomplishing reconstructive, plastic and liposuction surgery. Mark has been employed as a Plastic Surgeon within his own company at M. Mark Mofid since July 2004 within the Greater San Diego area. Through Mofid’s wonderful personality and magical surgery works and vision, he is known for putting fears to bed and putting people at ease. Based on his patients and peers, Mark is highly recommended for delivering natural-looking surgery enhancements – including; nose surgery, breast augmentation and liposuction. Dr. Mofid gained his expertise through his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, from Harvard University. He also completed is medical degree, as well as general surgery training and craniofacial research fellowship through The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. Mark Mofid provides surgery procedures for both men and women who are in need of appearance improvements to either better their lives or build one’s confidence. As Dr. Mofid prepares for his surgery procedures, he carefully analyzes and reflects the surgical procedure to ensure successful results. With Mark Mofid’s many years of experience, his goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality plastic surgery by putting forth full effort to achieving the most ultimate, best quality results. Dr. Mofid ensures the highest quality by taking extra conscious from the beginning stage of the first introduction to the recovery treatment period. He’s extremely compassionate and he shows endless valuable time to each and one of his patients.

Mark Mofid holds some of his visits at his Chula Vista satellite office but has strict guidelines of conducting practices at the La Jolla location for maximum safety procedures. These procedures are done at their authorized surgical certified facility, where it holds fully supplied equipment, which provides the highest quality. Mark Mofid and his team ensures full patience and attention to each of their clients as it does benefit the both of them when the procedure is completed and healed. All patience can expect a comfortable and easy-going experience consulting and procedural process with Dr. Mofid as he will first set-up a consultation to discuss all aspects of the procedure that the client wish to get done. After the consultation, Dr. Mofid will then decide the procedural steps and discuss the cons and pros and then schedule for the patient to receive a digital imaging procedure to show the before-and-after results.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Innovating Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most exciting fields of medicine. With the artful hand, a skilled plastic surgeon can restore or improve entire parts of their body. And one of the best plastic surgeons in the nation, Dr. Mark Mofid, is working hard to bring safe and innovative plastic surgery treatments to his clients.

So who exactly is Dr. Mark Mofid? Well, Dr. Mofid is a San Diego based plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience with his own private practice. With offices in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Chula Vista, Dr. Moifd is in high demand. That’s why it is a rare privilege to have one of the most in-demand plastic surgeons in the country available to answer a few questions during a recent interview.

When asked about his staff, Dr. Mofid answered that he selects from 500 to 1000 applicants. From there, he personally conducts a telephone interview with 50 of the top candidates. When asked about the specific tools he used, Dr. Mofid mentions that his office owns a Cutera laser for hair removal and his office has a relationship with other clinics that can offer many more types of hair removal services.

Dr. Mofid also discussed his marketing approach during the interview. And he mentioned that simply doing good work was the best marketing for his practice. Because of the practice’s reputation, traditional print and television advertising is not necessary. When discussing specific treatments such as facial rejuvenation, Dr. Mark Mofid answered that his office offers various non-surgical options as well as surgical procedures.

Finally, Dr. Mofid was asked about the best advice he has ever received as a physician. Dr. Mofid answered that the best advice he ever received was to grow the practice organically. He started with a small 850 square foot office and grew his physical office as his practice grew.

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. Afterward, he graduated from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine which included an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. Today Mr. Mofid is considered one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the country.

What OSI Industry Offers Clients and Job Seekers

OSI Industries, LLC, is one of the world’s top 100 food and beverage companies. Its headquarters can be found in Aurora, Illinois and it has many offices and facilities across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. They process meat and produce for quick-serve restaurants and grocery store private label products. It employs over 20,000 people and offers many job opportunities.

Because of its size, OSI Industries has the financial resources to meet the needs of its global clients. They offer custom food solutions to their clients for whatever specifications they require such as the size and shape of a beef patty. They operate an efficient global supply chain that emphasizes safety for all of the food they handle. They also dedicated to sustainability and limiting the effects of their business operations on the environment.

OSI Industries posts available jobs on its own website as well as other job websites like,, and They offer competitive compensation and benefits as well as opportunities for job advancement as they often promote from within. They are presently looking to hire people at many of their facilities, such as the one they operate in Oakland, Indiana. At this facility they need many positions filled such as quality assurance technician, production supervisor – cooked, general utility machine operator, maintenance mechanic – 1st shift, and safety manager among others. They also offer internships for university students such as a finance internship, at their headquarters, as well as safety internships at many of their food production facilities.

OSI Industries has 13 subsidiaries around the world. Some of these are ones they established themselves while others were acquired over the years. Flagship Europe Limited, for example, is a United Kingdom Brand that they bought in 2016. A few others that they own are Amick Farms, LLC, and Pickstock Telford Ltd. These subsidiaries often have several brands under them. Flagship Europe (which they just renamed as Creative Foods Europe), for example, owns several very popular brands like Tobasco, Harvest Farms, Oliver James Foods, and Calder Foods among them.

Sheldon Lavin is the owner of OSI Industries and also its chairman and CEO. David McDonald is the president and COO. Bill Weimer is OSI Industries CFO and EVP while Uwe Rößler is the managing director.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Mark Mofid for Your Plastic Surgery

Anyone considering plastic surgery should do their research. Because the face is generally the first thing others notice, choosing a top-notch board certified physician is essential. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of California’s best plastic surgeons and is highly respected by both his peers and his many patients.

Mark Mofid got his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and went on to get his medical training at John’s Hopkins University. He has performed hundreds of successful procedures and many say he is a wizard at his trade.

Dr. Mark Mofid is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their personalized goals. He understands that each patient has individual goals and needs. He genuinely listens to his patients’ concerns, questions and any apprehension they may have. According to his mission statement, he indicates his primary goal is to “provide patients with the highest quality state of the art cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.” The mission statement also indicates that he vows to stay abreast of the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery.

Dr. Mofid also emphasizes the importance of personalized care. He understands that the patient must have a voice in the process and he welcomes this kind of interaction. He promotes this sort of conversation with patients by way of an “honest, accurate and thorough individual consultation.” Patients of Mark Mofid are not rushed through the process. Compassion and understanding are extremely important aspects of his mission.

Mark Mofid provides many forms of plastic surgery. He performs facelifts, chin implants, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, and eyelid surgery, to mention just a few. He also does neck liposuction and facial fat grafting. Furthermore, his skills are not limited to just the face and neck area.

His website is filled with photo galleries of before and after pictures. You can view these galleries at which time you will be amazed at the artistic and aesthetic changes he produces. Reading patient comments will confirm that he is an extraordinarily talented surgeon. These comments go beyond mere satisfaction with the procedure. Many report that his procedures are life changing. The comments are filled with statements of gratitude for the work he did and the time and empathy he provided throughout the process.

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