ClassDojo – Helps Teachers without Wasting Their Time

ClassDojo was founded in August of 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Limon Don. The duo said their intention is to turn every classroom in the world into a community. ClassDojo creates a channel between teachers and parents as well as parents to their children by using modern technology such as smartphones and tablets. This communication platform currently employs 30 people.

ClassDojo allows teachers to communicate with parents instantly to discuss the best methods to teach their children. The app allows teachers to share special moments in children’s lives that the parents would have otherwise missed. This tightens the bond between teachers and parents and creates a real community and culture with-in the education system. The app respects the teachers privacy, as well, with its “Quite Hour” feature.

Companies such as ClassDojo have recently went through a financial rut, but ClassDojo has not only survived: they were created and went on to prosper during this time.

With the Federal Government prepping for huge cuts in the education sector, teachers will have to do anything in their capability to hold the school together. This includes communicating with parents, children and other teachers in a way that promotes productivity without wasting valuable time.

ClassDojo is just one of the success stories, that despite the recent injustices that have held down the education system, that have emerged in parent/teacher communications.

The company says that it has excelled where others have failed by listening to teachers, parents and students throughout the short history of its existance.

Even though the platform is still in its early stages, the hardest part is over: getting into teacher’s hands. Teachers have overwhelmingly welcomed such products into their classrooms and now another problem has arisen for companies such as ClassDojo. The market has been flooded and teachers have no idea which products to use and which products to pass on.

Purely having a product that allows teachers to communicate directly to teachers with no hassle simply isn’t enough. Companies will have to continue to innovate if they wish to leap ahead of the competition.

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