Mark Mofid Telling Truth About Gluteal Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid read the articles just like the rest of the world. He knows that only a fake doctor would use a can of tire inflation material to give a woman a butt lift. Mark Mofid is talking about what a few others won’t, yes, the butt lift. This process is known as a gluteal augmentation and when done correctly, it is safe.

Let’s face it, Dr. Mofid understands that this process is always in the news but, it’s never positive. However, the process is getting a bad rap and the good doctor feels it needs to be talked about in a positive light because in the right hands and circumstances, the lift can be accomplished. Mark Mofid says the key is to not over do it. Dr. Mofid tells his peers and his patients he never does anything that increases the risk of complications. If a patient begs and pushes him to go larger than life, he informs them of the risks and dangers and tells them he will not over do it.

Mark Mofid is a Harvard and John Hopkins trained surgeon. With his highly sharpened surgical skills and his skills for out of the box thinking, Dr. Mofid does more than just the gluteal augmentation, but he is confident in his approach to doing this surgery. Having said that, Dr. Mofid uses his surgical skills to do other processes too.

One of the things Dr. Mark talks about to other doctors who run a plastic surgery practice is how to think about the whole process and not just the operation. An important thing to think about is that the doctor has to make sure he or she is doing a service and not a disservice to the patient. Plastic surgery should help the patient to look better, feel better and leave them in a better condition after the work is done. There are ethics involved and Dr. Mark does not draw his line in the sand, his ethics are the same each and every time. He strives for the best outcome for the patients wants and needs. Check more details here

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