Bradesco Gets New Chairman, Trabuco Takes Over The Position

Bradesco has been witnessing a number of developments over the past few months because of the new positions being taken up by the company. The changes to Bradesco mainly came along with the retirement of the previous chairman of the company. This retirement put the board of directors in a situation wherein they would have to select a new person for the position of chairman. They would also have to replace the position that the new chairman previously held because of one rule that Bradesco stands by.

The company is one that always believes in upholding their value systems and the traditions that they have lived by. Because of this, the company has been able to maintain a high standard for the work that it does. One of the traditions that Bradesco adheres to is that of only appointing members to important positions within the company who have been working within the ranks of the company. This means that only someone who has already worked within Bradesco can be appointed to the position of chairman of the company. Because of this, the board of directors just had a small pool of existing executives who it could potentially give the position of chairman too. After much consideration and after evaluating each one of the members of the company, Bradesco decided to make Luiz Carlos Trabuco the new leader of the company.

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Before being offered the position of chairman of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the CEO of Bradesco. Being at such a prestigious place within the company, Trabuco managed to achieve a lot of development within the company. Under his guidance, the company grew twofold and emerged as one of the leading private banks in the country. It was only because of his contribution that the company was able to achieve the status that it had been working towards for many years. Because of this, the board of directors knew that Trabuco would be the best fit for this kind of a position.

However, because Trabuco had been working for the company as the president when he was asked to take on the new role, the board of directors would then be put into a position wherein they would have to elect a new person to take a post that is being vacated. They once again had to conduct an analysis wherein they had to look over all of the people working within the company and see who would best fit this new position according to After much deliberation, the company came to the conclusion that Octavio de Lazari should be the one to take over the place that Trabuco previously held.

Even though the changes to Bradesco started happening in October 2017, the new CEO were only filled out in March this year. This was because Bradesco had to wait until the shareholders meeting was held to institute the new president of the company officially. During this period, because the company could not function without a chairman and president, Bradesco was asked to perform both positions.

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