Dr. Dov Rand, Hormone and Weight Loss Expert and President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dr. Dov Rand is a founding member as well as the president of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, an organization based out of West Orange, New Jersey that focuses on combating the effects of aging using regenerative medicine and other therapies. In his treatment of patients. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on personalizing his treatment to the individual and the issues they are going through, and the protocols of his treatment are based on scientific research that has been thoroughly peer-reviewed. Dr. Dov Rand earned his MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by the Antiaging Medical Board, and is a fellow at A4M.

One of Dr. Dov Rand’s major forms of treatment for his patients is his IV Nutrient Therapy, which focuses on treating the whole patient and integrates his or her dietary and exercise habits. As a part of this treatment, patients are offered an opportunity to undergo blood work and genetic testing to help figure out what the underlying cause of their health issues might be. As the name “Nutrient Therapy” suggests, the main part of this treatment is the administration of specific vitamins to patients via IV in order to support their nutritional needs.

One of Dr. Dov Rand’s specialties is hormone therapy, which he practices at Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Hormone replacement is a major part of the therapy that is used at Healthy Aging Medical Center. Some of the issues that Dr. Dov Rands focuses on treating are menopause-related issues, such as fatigue, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low libido, and night sweats. He also cares for patients who are experiencing traumatic brain disorders or other trauma-related disorders, and those who are experiencing terminal illness.

Another one of Dr. Dov Rand’s specialties is weight loss. He and his colleagues analyze the needs of each specific patient, and many have been administered the HCG program, a hormone-based diet that takes advantage of the body’s natural inclinations to help patients lose weight (http://releasefact.com/2018/03/dr-johanan-rand-weight-loss/). It’s not a miracle diet, but it does help reset the metabolism of patients, and during the diet, patients are able to relearn healthy eating habits.


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