Jorge Moll Stuns Peers in the Latest Neuroscience Experiments

Jorge Moll is an experienced neuroscientist with unrelenting effort to see that patients are provided with a reprieve through evidence-based research, particularly in the field of neuroscience. He is the Director and President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education based in Rio. He also heads a host of other science-based bodies. Jorge Moll has conducted several types of research involving humans and animals. In one of the recent research studies that involved volunteers, Dr. Moll and Dr. Grafman discovered that the human tendency to put the interest of others before that of their own was as natural as the urge for sex and food. The two neuroscientists have also set out to establish whether the human brain is naturally wired to respond to a moral code. The neuroscientists are trying to use neuroimaging techniques to establish that fact. They, however, admit that they have not yet established whether animals such as giraffes, zebras, and lions also experience what they call moral qualms the way human beings do. However, it has been demonstrated that there are times when animals sacrifice their interests for the sake of other animals. In an experiment, it was observed that a rat that was fed and then its neighbor given an electric shock would eventually forego eating to spare the pain its neighbor was undergoing.


Implications of Researches by Neuroscientists including Dr. Jorge Moll

From the behavior of the rats, it can be deduced that morality has a biological link. The reward center is a clear example in Grafman’s experiment. Further evidence suggests that empathy is the basic foundation of morality. The evolution of social behavior was strongly influenced by the ability to experience what the other person is going through. According to Dr. Jean Decety, many human notions of right and wrong are influenced by the phenomenon.


Academic Path, Career, and his achievements, Accolades, and Awards

It is hard to ignore what Dr. Jorge Moll has accomplished in the world of medicine and neuroscience. It is because of his efforts in neuroscience research that he has earned a place in the minds of accomplished scholars. Dr. Moll is a graduate of medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He undertook his residence at the same institution before he specialized in neurology. Dr. Moll pursued his Ph.D. in Pathophysiotherapy at Sao Paulo University.



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