OSI Food Solutions: Building A Better Tomorrow in Professional Foodservices

OSI Food Solutions is a premier provider of high-quality food services. This company has an extensive supply chain that can reach nearly every continent. The company has been able to thrive thanks to its ability of evolution. This means that OSI has evolved with the times instead of becoming obsolete. OSI Food Solutions has a century’s worth of experience under its belt. It began its journey as a small meat producer by the name of Otto & Sons. This family-owned business has made a positive name for itself thanks to providing extraordinary meats. As the company began to grow, it made the decision to go into the wholesale-foodservice industry.

As of today, OSI has become a worldwide leader in foodservices as it covers every aspect of the game, including distribution, sourcing, processing and management. If a client of the company is seeking unique food products, OSI can definitely deliver because it also specializes in the production of custom foods. By having the capability to take a client’s precise instructions, the company has the potential to produce top-of-the-line food products that looks authentic. Unfortunately, this notion cant be said for other custom-food producers of today, but it’s the truth. When it comes to standard foods, OSI Food Solutions can produce a myriad of goods such as fritters, tomatoes, onions, chicken wings, steak, beef patties, cookies, soups, chili, cooked sausage links, pizza, fresh products, flatbread and many more.

Business acquisitions has also helped the company in a number of ways. Over the past few years, OSI Food Solutions has gone on an acquisition blitz by acquiring BAHO Food, by acquiring Flagship Europe and by acquiring Tyson Foods. These acquisitions has definitely helped to strengthen the company’s infrastructure. The future is still looking bright for OSI Food Solutions and better things are surely on the way.


William Saito: How To Launch a Startup Successfully

The startup phase of your business is the most important phase in its existence. It is during this time that it will be determined whether it will be a successful company or not. William Saito, a successful entrepreneur from Japan, has recently posted his ideas on the keys for a successful startup phase of a company. William Saito is a graduate of the University of California and holds a degree in biochemistry from the University. He first began to code professionally at the age of 10 and was able to launch his own company by the age of 20. This company was acquired by Microsoft Lee several years later, and he has since gone on to be considered one of the most influential individuals in Japan.

William Saito believes that the most important aspect of your business during its startup phase is to focus on marketing. The reason why it is important to focus on marketing is that you could potentially have the most important and impressive product in the world but if individuals do not know that it exists they will not purchase it. William Saito recommends that for individuals in the startup phase of their business they should potentially consider hiring a marketing expert in order to help expedite this process. The reason being is that they have experience and expertise in the marketing of products and could potentially help you increase your companies visibility to your target demographic.

William Saito also believes that one of the other most important things for you to do during the startup phase of your business as defined the niche that your company or product is attempting to fill. If you are able to demonstrate a specific niche that your corporation is attempting to fill it will be far easier to attract potential investors who will supply your company with the needed capital to aggressively expand. Venture capitalists and other potential investors are some of the most important people to attract to your corporation during its startup phases. If you are able to provide them with a clear picture of the importance of your company it will be much easier to convince them to take the risk of investing in your company.


One of the final things that William Saito believes that you should emphasize during the startup phase of the corporation is the development of positive company culture. This can affect the type of employee that you will attract your business.



Innovative Neuroscientist: Jorge Moll Finds Trend in Research

Jorge Moll’s Career Summary

Jorge Moll is an innovative neuroscientist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jorge Moll earned his MD in Neuroscience from the University of Rio de Janeiro. Following his degree, he successfully completed his residency. Jorge Moll went on to earn his Ph.D. from São Paulo University in Experimental Pathophysiology.

Jorge has always had a passion for helping those with chronic conditions. He is president of IDOR (D’Or Institute of Research and Education). Jorge Moll is also director of CBNU (Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit). These research centers specialize in diagnostics and imaging. Jorge Moll’s initial idea for IDOR was sparked from his passion to build a premier research laboratory in Brazil. He aims to create cutting-edge technology in his native county.

He was elected member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences during 2008. Following that, he was proudly elected Governor’s Member of International Neuroethics Society during 2013. In addition, he is an active member of Stanford’s neuroscience program.


Jorge’s Passions and Tips for Ultimate Success

Jorge’s favorite current trend is artificial intelligence. He believes the correlation between human intelligence and machinery is innovative and exciting for the future. He also enjoys studying the new advancements in gene coding and genetics.

Jorge believes the pressure amongst the young generation to choose a career path that will generate funds is suppressing authentic scientific creativity. He believes the young generation should be using their creativity to solve problems in a new and innovative way.

Jorge believes the best way to become successful is to be transparent and trustworthy. Jorge Moll believes that acquiring unique skills is a key point in being a valuable asset in any field. He aims to stand out as innovative and diverse in his field of neuroscience.

He strongly believes in quickly taking action once a plan is outlined. He believes waiting too long can force one to forfeit their opportunity. Whenever Jorge has experienced disappointment, he always views it as a unique learning experience. He is an influential figure that has carved a path for all aspiring scientist to follow.

NGP VAN Expands The Ability Of Campaigns To Monitor And Accept Funds

The complex nature of campaign funding has seen a growing level of data required to ensure even a district level campaign runs effectively over the course of months. Using technology is a growing area of interest for political campaigns as the leaders of a campaign wish to make sure their investment of more than $1.5 million for a Senate seat and over $10 million for a campaign for Congress; making the input of data as simple and easy as possible is the main aim of NGP VAN and their range of apps designed to ease the campaigning process for Democrats.

The use of NGP VAN’s range of apps and technologies has driven some of the largest and most impressive campaigns in the U.S. for Democrats and Progressive candidates who make use of an Online dashboard to ease the burden of monitoring a campaign at a grassroots level. Some of the best known Democrats of recent history have made use of the NGP VAN Digital 8 app which allows campaign managers to monitor all aspects of a campaign from funding to house-to-house canvassing for the good of their campaign. President Barrack Obama’s campaign team were some of the first to recognize the capabilities of the NGP VAN technology and ensure it was used correctly in his campaigns for The White House.

Linking every aspect of a campaign together is one of the most important parts of the work of campaigns using NGP VAN which includes the ability of the NGP VAN platform to allow donors to be cross-referenced through social media, email, and many other options. The main advantage of this is the ability of a donor to continue to make small donations from their own grassroots level with targeted fundraising campaigns directed towards them.

Where NGP VAN is different to many of the other technologies available for fundraising political campaigns is the fact the technology is not targeted solely to the individual working to provide funding for the campaign of a left-leaning candidate. Instead, the technology allows donors to be given an insight into the work of a candidate and their beliefs which can drive greater donations on a regular basis.


Vijay Eswaran: Helping The Masses To Improve Their Lives

Fear often acts as a barrier that prevents people from even attempting to chase their personal and professional goals. But Vijay Eswaran, the chairman and co-founder of direct sales juggernaut the QI Group, has been teaching people how to use fear as a motivational tool for many years. It is an element of the philosophy that has helped him to attain greatness as a businessman and private citizen. In articles like ‘The Stages of Change’, ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘Two Minutes From the Abyss’ and many others, Eswaran teaches people how to turn fear into an effective change agent to help them reach their goals.

Lauded all over Asia because of the great success he has enjoyed in building the QI Group into one of the world’s largest and most lucrative direct sales companies, Vijay Eswaran has long been happy and willing to share the personal and professional philosophy that led to his great achievements. The foundation of that philosophy is creative visualization. The ability to picture oneself doing great things and believing you can make it a reality. But its more than just dreaming and wishing, that creative visualization must be supported by proper planning and focused, consistent actions.

Vijay Eswaran credits the astounding growth of the QI Group, while the Asian economy was virtually in shambles, to helping his company’s independent marketing representatives to follow his philosophy. This helped them ignore the seeming roadblocks and challenges and steadily work towards their goal. In their mind’s eye they had already attained it, all they had to do was meet with the customers and collect the money. It was a confidence and self-assuredness born of a belief in their plans, the quality of their products and the legendary motivational speeches of Vijay Eswaran.

But the ultimate goal of Vijay Eswaran was to do more than simply build a successful company. He wanted to help the masses of the people to fulfill their potential. To do this he wrote several books that detailed the steps people should take to put themselves into the mind frame that makes creative visualization and faith in their ability to attain their goal possible. Those books, which include ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’ and ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, have been instrumental in helping millions of people to improve the quality of their lives. It’s a powerful gift.

Jason Hope: A Futurist Contributing to the Future

Jason Hope has earned quite a reputation as a skilled futurist and biotechnology advocate. He has spent much of his career discussing the implications of a more tech-savvy future, the addition of a biological component seems to be the next logical step. Hope has expressed throughout much of his life that he is interested in the current research into increasing the longevity of the human lifespan. There has been promising research coming out of this field of technology, and Hope has taken it upon himself to donate a considerable sum towards this type of technology in the hopes of contributing to its massive footprint in the future.

One of the things that Jason Hope is most known for is his discussion of the Internet-of-things. He even wrote a book to educate people about the IOT. His experience as a futurist let him know that this was going to be one of the next biggest things, and he has continued to explode. Increasingly more devices are being hooked up to the Internet, and the IOT is simply the network of those devices that are attached to it. Now, Hope has set his sights on the human body. Just like a computer network, the human body is made up of connections that can be likened to a network. It is only natural that Hope would want to extend the longevity of that network in order to get the most out of it. While this example makes the human lifespan sound as though it is something to be used much like a device, the person living it can get more out of their body for longer through some of the new biotechnology research that is being conducted. Jason Hope has decided to contribute to this research with more than $500,000.

A recent article published on releasefact.com, “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging”, discusses some of the ways that the SENS Research Foundation will utilize Hope’s donation. The scientists at this research center are looking at hardening activity in the arteries. They are hoping to find a way to lessen or prevent this process through biological technology that will prevent bonding activity in proteins of these artery cells. Hope’s donation has also made it possible for them to expand their research teams and open a new facility in Europe. This has allowed them to increase their research talent and hopefully their global footprint.

For details: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Perry Mandera Cares About Transportation

Perry Mandera, the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. is not an ordinary transportation business owner. The high standards at The Custom Companies, Inc. insists that the company remains in its roots of offering customers a personal approach with top-notch and reliable customer service, competitive rates, and creative solutions to industry challenges. Providing service all hours of the year, customer service representatives and sales agents offer each customer the service they deserve by providing outstanding service The Custom Companies, Inc. loves to provide. Perry Mandera provides employees and customers with the best technology available to ensure accuracy and efficiency in pricing, billing, and tracking. In addition to transportation, Perry Mandera has added warehouse and distribution centers to The Custom Companies list of services.

Perry Mandera expanded his giving nature by adding Custom Cares Charities and is succeeding in giving back to make a difference in the lives of many hometown residents. Custom Cares Charities was established to provide support those that were in need in a timely manner through the use of transportation services. Custom Cares is proud to lead a large group of charities and organizations. Custom Cares Charities has sponsored over 100 youth sports teams throughout Chicago and other Illinois communities along with giving during the holiday seasons.

The Custom Cares company assisted that were affected by the tornados, Hurricane Katrina, and wildfires. Custom Companies provided food and free transport to the affected individuals by the natural disasters or many other times of need. The company donates time, manpower, and money to many other organizations to ensure that major needs are met across the nation. Perry Mandera developed a youth program that is focused on improving sports ability of people through coaching. The coaching is done for baseball, basketball, boxing, and football to help with the involvement of kids in sports.

Perry Mandera has made himself a great empire that provides transportation services at the best cost as possible, but his passion stands at giving back to his community and having a pay it forward attitude.



Southridge Capital is a financial company which has been working together with an executive team for over two decades now. It works with the principle of helping in gradual growth and display of a financial plan and works on the idea without fail. The overall director and chief of the company is Stephen Hicks.

The company has helped many entrepreneurs to relish their potential to the brim by exploiting their financial capacities for complete fulfilment. For this reason, Southridge has over the years invested a lot of capital to ensure companies in different countries worldwide have been elevated to separate and independent financial position.

Also, the company is specialized in providing services in various financial sectors which are crucial for a company to grow. Some of these areas include; project outlay, operations in a given company, economic analysis, and statements. Through these services, the companies stature’s are assisted in their maintenance. It makes it easier for a company to be aware of the projects to take as they will bring in gains hence improve the profits of the companies.

Moreover, the company greatly assists in creating balance sheets for various companies. This becomes of significant impact as it vividly shows or gives access to the companies on the ways to use to yield more gains. This offer also ensures that the company is capable of balancing between the expenditures, increases, and debts available. As a result, a company gets to know which investment to undertake, the one to discard and the things to do to improve the benefits and reduce the debts and loses. For more details you can visit southridge.com

Southridge Capital is a respected financial company as it aids companies financially using a variety of strategies that are not common but would bring definite results and desired outcome. This is facilitated by the great team working in the company who provide services in areas such as security of a company, the debt reduction and other solutions among other areas. The company comes in practically by analyzing the problems available and working to provide solutions. They work hand in hand with the creditors to work on ways to reduce debts as this makes a company fragile. They also analyze the present investments available together with the company’s properties to gauge the vulnerability of it. Therefore, Southridge Capital works tirelessly and puts in a lot of efforts to ensure the financial growth robust growth of companies.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/Southridge-Capital-118716878160402/

The RealReal: High End Luxury Fashion Resale

“The RealReal is a seven-year-old high-end resale shop that continues to expand its brand and target market. What began as a site solely focused on the resale of luxury women’s fashion has now expanded into selling jewelry, menswear, and even home décor. Additionally, an actually brick and mortar store has been added in New York City. In a time where so many segments of the market are paring down their actual storefront operations, The RealReal is reportedly considering the launch of more stores as well.

The posh resale shop operates under a consignment style of sales where the seller ships goods to the company and when they are sold receives a percentage of the profit. Item quality is well inspected and the company even employs an “in-house authentication team” to ensure that the pieces being sold are genuine. Of course, even the best assessors are occasionally fooled by an incredibly well-made knock-off piece, but the team at The RealReal strives to make the chances of such things very slim.

There seems to be a growing market for online high-end luxury fashion. Other sites currently selling luxury brands include Poshmark, Tradesy, and Thread Up, which just recently added a luxury aspect to their resale lines. While this type of designer resale was once not considered to be well-received by the original designers, this type of attitude has shifted. In fact, designers are now known to collaborate with some of these sites and encourage the sale of their items in this way. The reason behind this is that they have discovered that the sellers of these resale items are often making room in their closets for new purchases from the very same designer. It’s actually a win-win with a wider-spread brand promotion in conjunction with securing a new sale.

While there has been plenty of discussion as to whether The RealReal will be launching a public IPO, it has recently secured a significant financial boost through private funding. Speculation that the brand intends to expand before launching is rampant; however, there have been no such confirmations by CEO Julie Wainwright.”

The Academy of Art University Takes Another Win at The Oscars

The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, is the epitome of motion-picture success. Some of highest rated films fall under this specific category, and the best films will surely get a nomination to potentially win the big one. The 2018 Oscars was no different from the previous versions as the top films were presented with the golden statue. The Academy of Art University has once again displayed its legitimacy by winning the Best Animated Feature Film. This film just so happened to be for the Disney-Pixar hit “Cocoa.” This particular film is about a boy who set-out on a quest to become a musician while trying to figure-out his family’s hidden secrets.

“Cocoa” was released in theaters last year. The film has some of the coolest visual-effects, and the film’s music perfectly matched its Mexican heritage. There was extensive amounts of research that went into the project such as the Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos. People of Mexican decent, or people from general Hispanic culture will certainly appreciate the implementation of this attribute. Resonating with the viewers is what any movie should be doing in the first place. “Cocoa” beat-out two other animated films, which includes “The Breadwinner” and “Loving Vincent.” Daniel Arriaga, former-graduate of the Academy of Art University, is the actual senior director at Pixar. This film actually displayed his Mexican heritage as well as displayed his passion for animation.

The Academy of Art University is a class-act, and it has made its presence felt at numerous awards shows. The school was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. As of today, the Academy of Art University has well-over 12,000 students as well as more than 283 teachers.

This phenomenal institution has a long list of talented graduates such as Actress Raven Symone, Film Director Vicky Jenson, Actress Heidi Montag and others. It provides an abundance of courses, an abundance of degrees and an abundance of influence in today’s entertainment field.