An Ultimate Guide to Financial Planning by Richard Dwayne Blair

According to many consumers, money is like smoke; it touches their hands and disappears without trace or account. It’s in our digital age that an employee gets salary and within the next 24 hours, they have nothing to cater for the next month. The underlying danger is that they will never invest in anything and they will retire poor which should not be the case. Some of these people have not cut the coat according to their size; they live more luxurious life than their salaries can accommodate. And that’s why every time they are under the pressure of bills and mortgages. If only they can learn the 3 pillars that will enhance their financial planning, then they can be free from the snare.

According to Richard Dwayne Blair who is an Investment Advisor at Wealth Solutions, every consumer needs a financial roadmap and plan to enable them to navigate through the path of financial life to a bright future. With his 3 approaches, he has helped his clients develop an implementable and holistic financial plan which guarantees them a stable current and future financial state when they enter the retirement age bracket.

The first approach of Richard Dwayne Blair in setting his clients free from the financial yoke is the determination of their roadmap. He determines the financial route by analyzing the needs, goals, strengths, opportunities, and level of risk tolerance of his clients. This enables him to build clear goals and expectations. In his 2nd approach, he embarks on developing an investment strategy, mostly a long-term one, which is based on the financial route that he had drawn in the first pillar. This is where he restructures asset allocation of the clients while avoiding market risks.

After enhancing the first and second pillar, the third approach is catering for the insurance needs to curb any future contingencies and storms. With the 3 pillars, a consumer will not be wretched when his retirement comes. The background of teachers helped Richard Dwayne Blair develop some interest in educating his community and upcoming business owners on financial planning. This led him to come up with Wealth Solutions firm in 1994 and since then he has helped many people avoid the common financial pitfalls.

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