Malcolm CasSelle Executes Global Transactions With Blockchain WAX Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle is a successful entrepreneur and businessman that are pioneering the efforts to streamline the blockchain with technological advancement that create opportunities to simplify and safely transfer virtual online assets and execute global transactions over the blockchain with WAX tokens. Wax tokens were created by OPSkins a global technology advancement company where Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Investment Officer.

Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Executive Officer and president of (WAX) World Asset Exchange where he provides extremely efficient and effective corporate governance over the organization and provides intellectual expertise within computer science technology that is creating opportunities for superior developments within online asset transfer technology. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelors of Computer Science degree and furthered his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s in Computer Science. Malcolm has developed a reputation as one of the pioneers in the development and advancement of online virtual asset platforms that are creating opportunities for the strategic development and efficient construction of the blockchain. The blockchain is utilized to transfer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and various other crypto assets over geographical and continental borders without stringent regulations and guidelines imposed by the Central Banking institutions. Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide revolutionary opportunities for the advancement of the blockchain with the development of WAX tokens within World Asset Exchange. In fact, World Asset Exchange utilizes WAX tokens as vehicles that established the basic value that various cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments can use to eliminate fragmentation with the transfer of assets over the blockchain. Issues concerning Forex or foreign exchange currencies and the volatility of these prices changes create problems for individuals seeking to make immediate transfers of value over different global countries. By establishing a base value with the WAX tokens individuals are able to transfer online asset value without the fragmentation problems in a safe and simple way. Malcolm CasSelle is executing global transactions simply and easily by providing regular individuals an opportunity to capitalize on the blockchain with the advent of WAX tokens that can be utilized to exchange cryptocurrencies and other online virtual assets.


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