The Academy of Art University Takes Another Win at The Oscars

The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, is the epitome of motion-picture success. Some of highest rated films fall under this specific category, and the best films will surely get a nomination to potentially win the big one. The 2018 Oscars was no different from the previous versions as the top films were presented with the golden statue. The Academy of Art University has once again displayed its legitimacy by winning the Best Animated Feature Film. This film just so happened to be for the Disney-Pixar hit “Cocoa.” This particular film is about a boy who set-out on a quest to become a musician while trying to figure-out his family’s hidden secrets.

“Cocoa” was released in theaters last year. The film has some of the coolest visual-effects, and the film’s music perfectly matched its Mexican heritage. There was extensive amounts of research that went into the project such as the Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos. People of Mexican decent, or people from general Hispanic culture will certainly appreciate the implementation of this attribute. Resonating with the viewers is what any movie should be doing in the first place. “Cocoa” beat-out two other animated films, which includes “The Breadwinner” and “Loving Vincent.” Daniel Arriaga, former-graduate of the Academy of Art University, is the actual senior director at Pixar. This film actually displayed his Mexican heritage as well as displayed his passion for animation.

The Academy of Art University is a class-act, and it has made its presence felt at numerous awards shows. The school was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. As of today, the Academy of Art University has well-over 12,000 students as well as more than 283 teachers.

This phenomenal institution has a long list of talented graduates such as Actress Raven Symone, Film Director Vicky Jenson, Actress Heidi Montag and others. It provides an abundance of courses, an abundance of degrees and an abundance of influence in today’s entertainment field.


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