Perry Mandera Cares About Transportation

Perry Mandera, the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. is not an ordinary transportation business owner. The high standards at The Custom Companies, Inc. insists that the company remains in its roots of offering customers a personal approach with top-notch and reliable customer service, competitive rates, and creative solutions to industry challenges. Providing service all hours of the year, customer service representatives and sales agents offer each customer the service they deserve by providing outstanding service The Custom Companies, Inc. loves to provide. Perry Mandera provides employees and customers with the best technology available to ensure accuracy and efficiency in pricing, billing, and tracking. In addition to transportation, Perry Mandera has added warehouse and distribution centers to The Custom Companies list of services.

Perry Mandera expanded his giving nature by adding Custom Cares Charities and is succeeding in giving back to make a difference in the lives of many hometown residents. Custom Cares Charities was established to provide support those that were in need in a timely manner through the use of transportation services. Custom Cares is proud to lead a large group of charities and organizations. Custom Cares Charities has sponsored over 100 youth sports teams throughout Chicago and other Illinois communities along with giving during the holiday seasons.

The Custom Cares company assisted that were affected by the tornados, Hurricane Katrina, and wildfires. Custom Companies provided food and free transport to the affected individuals by the natural disasters or many other times of need. The company donates time, manpower, and money to many other organizations to ensure that major needs are met across the nation. Perry Mandera developed a youth program that is focused on improving sports ability of people through coaching. The coaching is done for baseball, basketball, boxing, and football to help with the involvement of kids in sports.

Perry Mandera has made himself a great empire that provides transportation services at the best cost as possible, but his passion stands at giving back to his community and having a pay it forward attitude.


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