Vijay Eswaran: Helping The Masses To Improve Their Lives

Fear often acts as a barrier that prevents people from even attempting to chase their personal and professional goals. But Vijay Eswaran, the chairman and co-founder of direct sales juggernaut the QI Group, has been teaching people how to use fear as a motivational tool for many years. It is an element of the philosophy that has helped him to attain greatness as a businessman and private citizen. In articles like ‘The Stages of Change’, ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘Two Minutes From the Abyss’ and many others, Eswaran teaches people how to turn fear into an effective change agent to help them reach their goals.

Lauded all over Asia because of the great success he has enjoyed in building the QI Group into one of the world’s largest and most lucrative direct sales companies, Vijay Eswaran has long been happy and willing to share the personal and professional philosophy that led to his great achievements. The foundation of that philosophy is creative visualization. The ability to picture oneself doing great things and believing you can make it a reality. But its more than just dreaming and wishing, that creative visualization must be supported by proper planning and focused, consistent actions.

Vijay Eswaran credits the astounding growth of the QI Group, while the Asian economy was virtually in shambles, to helping his company’s independent marketing representatives to follow his philosophy. This helped them ignore the seeming roadblocks and challenges and steadily work towards their goal. In their mind’s eye they had already attained it, all they had to do was meet with the customers and collect the money. It was a confidence and self-assuredness born of a belief in their plans, the quality of their products and the legendary motivational speeches of Vijay Eswaran.

But the ultimate goal of Vijay Eswaran was to do more than simply build a successful company. He wanted to help the masses of the people to fulfill their potential. To do this he wrote several books that detailed the steps people should take to put themselves into the mind frame that makes creative visualization and faith in their ability to attain their goal possible. Those books, which include ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’ and ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, have been instrumental in helping millions of people to improve the quality of their lives. It’s a powerful gift.

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