Innovative Neuroscientist: Jorge Moll Finds Trend in Research

Jorge Moll’s Career Summary

Jorge Moll is an innovative neuroscientist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jorge Moll earned his MD in Neuroscience from the University of Rio de Janeiro. Following his degree, he successfully completed his residency. Jorge Moll went on to earn his Ph.D. from São Paulo University in Experimental Pathophysiology.

Jorge has always had a passion for helping those with chronic conditions. He is president of IDOR (D’Or Institute of Research and Education). Jorge Moll is also director of CBNU (Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit). These research centers specialize in diagnostics and imaging. Jorge Moll’s initial idea for IDOR was sparked from his passion to build a premier research laboratory in Brazil. He aims to create cutting-edge technology in his native county.

He was elected member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences during 2008. Following that, he was proudly elected Governor’s Member of International Neuroethics Society during 2013. In addition, he is an active member of Stanford’s neuroscience program.


Jorge’s Passions and Tips for Ultimate Success

Jorge’s favorite current trend is artificial intelligence. He believes the correlation between human intelligence and machinery is innovative and exciting for the future. He also enjoys studying the new advancements in gene coding and genetics.

Jorge believes the pressure amongst the young generation to choose a career path that will generate funds is suppressing authentic scientific creativity. He believes the young generation should be using their creativity to solve problems in a new and innovative way.

Jorge believes the best way to become successful is to be transparent and trustworthy. Jorge Moll believes that acquiring unique skills is a key point in being a valuable asset in any field. He aims to stand out as innovative and diverse in his field of neuroscience.

He strongly believes in quickly taking action once a plan is outlined. He believes waiting too long can force one to forfeit their opportunity. Whenever Jorge has experienced disappointment, he always views it as a unique learning experience. He is an influential figure that has carved a path for all aspiring scientist to follow.

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