The Respectable Career of Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a well-known fertility specialist who is currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. On his road to success, Toner had received a bachelor’s degree of science in the subject of psychology while he was at Saint Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. Later on, he received both a M.D. and a Ph.D. while he was enrolled in the Medical Scientist Program at the University of Pennsylvania. One of Toner’s first accomplishments was winning the Resident of the Year Reward while training at the Jones Institute for his gift in teaching. Toner also received other awards.

Jim Toner has an exceptional record as an expert in fertility. Toner is famous for publishing eighty articles, twenty chapters, and one-hundred abstracts all related to reproductive medicine. Toner is also credited with his research and discoveries regarding the ovarian reserve and its effect on fertility. Through research, Toner saw the role of progesterone in luteal support of Assisted Reproduction cycles along with the differences among gonadotropins in providing stimulation of the ovaries.

What sets Toner apart is not only his expertise in reproduction but also his generosity in the community. He is an active national speaker who given over 200 local and national presentations. Toner is currently an active member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology which promote the causes of research and development in reproductive care.

As a man with a doctoral training in psychology, Toner also deals with the emotional side of reproduction and comforts patients who suffer from infertility. Jim Toner has been highly recommended among patients who had the opportunity to deal with him. Patients who suffered infertility and miscarriages consistently speak in high regard to Toner’s compassion and understanding of the emotional trauma they experience. What every patient concludes about Toner is that his optimism helps them embrace a more constructive mindset and improves their emotional health regardless of any seemingly negative outcome such as infertility.

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Jason Hope: IOT Saturates the Airline Industry

One of the most stressful things about current society is air travel. Jason Hope, a very successful entrepreneur and predictionist, believe that soon this assumption that air travel will be cumbersome will be outdated. “Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry” is littered with examples of ways that the airline industry is trying to implement a better standard of service throughout. He sees the increased usage of the IOT and builds on his own experience with the network to see how this can positively affect throughout the industry. His excitement for these changes is palpable.

One concern that many travelers have when going through an airport that they are unfamiliar with is that they do not know where gates are, what restaurants are available, or even if their flights have been updated. With an IOT network, the staff are able to update such information instantly and transmit that information to a mobile or device that the customers wear. IOT is the term for items that are connected through the Internet to engage in communication. This means that cell phones are IOT devices as well as many laptops or tablets. If airlines are using IOT that means that they can update some of the flight information to an individual’s mobile phone or even smartwatches. This is the wave of the future, exciting individuals like Jason Hope.

There’s also an increased interest in safety. Safety is always a number one priority of the industry, with IOT it can become even more updated. Such serious matters need heavy oversight and devices such as beacons can help to increase that oversight. Mechanics will have access to more diagnostic data than they ever did before. Such information will allow them to act quickly when they detect a problem, increasing the overall safety of everyone who may fly on their planes.

Jason Hope is able to predict such changes and experience excitement over current changes because of his extensive work in the technology field. He is spent much of his career building businesses, starting his own successful business at a very young age. He tries to keep an eye on relevant changes that will take place in the future when it comes to technology and has even written a book to help individuals navigate the IOT system as it grows. He will continue to be a very valuable resource as IOT saturates the field of technology.

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Who is Peter Briger?

When the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee (PEAC) was first founded it as tasked with finding innovative ways to bring out the best in entrepreneurship from the University. Having clearly understood there mandate they came up with various suggestions one of them, including The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF). PEAC had already in their mandate defined entrepreneurship as “the initiation of transformation through risk-taking actions and value-creating organizations” this definition was further strengthened by the belief around Princeton on the power of liberal arts and the impact they have on entrepreneurship. By building on this strength, it was possible for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee to achieve their set mandate.

Having identified all the above, they turned to some of their strongest entrepreneurial minds led by Peter Briger. He is an alumnus of the school class of ’86. As one of the most successful individuals from the school as confirmed by Forbes magazine when they named him among the top 400 business professionals in America the committee was sure not only would he be willing to help but his insight would help propel the young entrepreneurs to new levels. Peter Briger was quick to act and impressed by the initiative came together with Gordon Ritter and funded the pilot program. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund was to give 100,000 to creative ideas that were approved by a six-member team that would be tasked with reviewing the proposals sent by the participating teams.

This team would then get personalized support and attached to various entrepreneurs who have already been successful in the industry. The level of success expected from the program is expected to propel Princeton and the country at large to greater heights. The committee has been very grateful to Peter Briger as he has been one of the most consistent and vocal voices in support of the initiative and contributed a lot of personal resources to it. Peter Briger continues to be grateful to Princeton for pricking his business interest as he undertook his B.A there. He later moved to Goldman Sachs &CO where he would work for 15 years, attaining partner status midway through his stay there. He would then move to Fortress Investment Group in 2002. This would see his business star shine even brighter as he climbed the corporate ladder quite fast. In 2006 he would be elected to join the board of directors followed quickly by an offer to become co-chairman of the board in 2009.

Dr. Saad Saad inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is a medical doctor in the United States. Currently, he is retired, but his contributions to the medical industry are still being used. He served as a pediatric surgeon for four decades. In this period, he made sure that his knowledge about the medical industry helped generations to come. He engaged in activities which revolutionized surgical operations. When he was joining the industry, surgical methods would cause pain and risk to the patient. However, this would later come to change with the contribution of Dr. Saad and others. Dr. Saad invented new surgical methods which were less painful and would result in less risk for the patient.


Apart from the surgical operations, Dr. Saad Saad contributed to the invention of medical devices which made surgical operations easy. There are two devices which Dr. Saad invented. One of the tools is a device to trace or track the position of the catheter in the human body. A catheter has a number of functions in surgical operation procedure. It may be used to pick other instruments used in the operations. It might be used in draining fluids and gases from the body, and it may be inserted in the body either temporarily or permanently.


When a catheter is inserted into the body, a doctor may be needed to trace its position in the body. Before Dr. Saad’s inventions, doctors depended on X-ray machines to track its position. The process was very tedious and long. However, Dr. Saad simplified the whole thing by coming up with a device that can trace the position of the catheter without scanning. This device is handy in modern surgical operations. However, although it is not yet manufactured for industrial use, it is already being used in some facilities. Its impact on the industry is huge since now procedures can be completed in time and with ease than before.


The other innovation made by Dr. Saad Saad involved the creation of a suction system to the endoscope. An endoscope is an optical tool that is used to examine internal parts of the body. When it is inserted in the human body, it is affected by the body fluids which blur its lenses. This means that the doctor may not be able to see clearly what is inside. To deal with the issue of body fluids interfering with examinations, he created a suction system that will remove fluids that are in the path of the device. This innovation has made it easy for doctors to visualize what is happening inside the body. With these two innovations, Dr. Saad Saad has changed the manner in which surgical operations were done. His approach has made it easy for surgical operations to be done easily and even faster. Learn more:

Mr. Hicks, His Wife, And The Best Investment Firm In New England – Southridge Capital

Not everybody has time to help their communities, environments, the world, or even someone as close to their homes as one foot across their property boundary lines. While it’s great we are not forced to rely on others as much in today’s world as humans have been forced to in the past, too many people don’t care about being civic-minded.


Fortunately for southwestern Connecticut and the rest of New England, Southridge Capital LLC has strong corporate social responsibility policies that help organizations, small groups, and individuals around the Ridgefield area, a wealthy area of southwest Connecticut.


First, let’s explain what Southridge Capital is, what it does, when it was founded, when its corporate social responsibility protocols were put into place, who works for the company, and other information readers might find interesting. You can visit their website



Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Mr. Stephen M. Hicks’ own Southridge Caital


According to PR Newswire, Stephen M. Hicks incorporated Southridge Capital by himself in 1996 after spending nearly 15 years on the rosters of other financial firms and companies. The most significant o those companies was Sutherland Capital – though the company technically isn’t known as “Sutherland Capital”; rather, the popular, publicly-traded financial services provider with a team of top-notch portfolio management professionals – because it was here he learned more skills related to high-tech investing strategies, learning to play the waiting game sometimes, and hardly ever playing aggressive – not to mention where he picked up more customer service skills than he had ever accumulated throughout his entire life.


Southridge either advises clients on this, that, and the third or invests corporations’ money in various causes ranging from standard financial instruments like stocks or bonds all the way to private investments that Southridge Capital scouts out, evaluates, and allocates money to on its own.


The company was created in 1996, making it some 22.5 years old today – July 2018. Two years after Mr. Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge Capital in Ridgefield, Connecticut, he and his wife decided that Southridge Capital needed to have a subsidiary or partner organization for philanthropic activities. Soon after, the pair came up with The Daystar Foundation, a nonprofit organization that hands out money to any cause its owners want.



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Your Mental Health Directly Correlates With The Health Of Your Relationships: From The Perspective Of LFMT Roseann Bennett

Quality of life is often correlated to an individuals’ mental health. When mental health issues are left untreated the consequences can be detrimental to the individual and have a negative impact on their ability to maintain and establish healthy familial connections. As a marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett has helped many families work through issues that could have ultimately lead to separation or divorce by identifying and treating underlying causes related to mental health issues.


According to recent studies, in a given year, 15 million American adults or about 7% of the U.S. population suffers signs and symptoms related to major depression. While some episodes of depression are acute and can be described as a natural response to a traumatic event, other episodes can be chronic and more pervasive.


As the co-founder of The Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett has dedicated much of her research and clinical efforts towards alleviating the long-term consequences depression can have within relationships. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann practices a holistic and systematic approach when administering treatment plans for family therapy, medication management and psychological evaluations.


Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


In accordance with mental health awareness month, below are some tips Roseann recommends people use to stay consciously aware of their overall well-being.


Talk to Someone

Often when a person is experiencing problems and showing signs and symptoms of mental health issue it can difficult for the individuals or family members to identify the cause of these issues. That is why, talking to a trusted professional can prove beneficial. Professional are trained in creating a safe environment, free from stigma to help individuals address issues that result from an underlying mental illness. Go To This Page for additional information.


Pay Attention to Stress

Roseann Bennett claims that recognizing the signs of stress is the first step towards properly managing it. Stress can appear as physical symptoms such as headaches, indigestion, or changes in skin and hair. Stress can also mimic psychological disorders and appear as changes in behavior. Having a healthy response to stress can change the trajectory of an individual’s overall health.


Practicing Awareness

Positive thinking and releasing the need to control every aspect of one’s life has proven to have positive effects on a person’s ability to cope with and manage their mental health.



The Diligence of William Saito

William Hiroyuki Saito is a Japanese American, who was born in the year 1971. He was born in the USA (Los Angeles). However, his parents were not of a native American background. They had previously immigrated from Japan in the year 1969. He has two siblings.

He schooled in the USA. In 1987, he completed and graduated from high school (La Verne, California). Between 1988 and 1992, William Saito attended the University of California and graduated with a bachelor’s in biomedical science.

William Saito’s passion for cybersecurity was evident from his early years of schooling. With his entrepreneurial and innovative nature, he was able to create I/O Software which he invented in the year 1991 when he was still a student at the university. This software developed many technologies, this software was able to come up with a way to display Japanese characters in English and a fingerprint recognition system (which caught the attention of Sony company, which purchased it).

In the year 2004, William Saito sold I/O Software to Microsoft. This was after it helped them to develop Microsoft Windows. They, therefore, viewed it as an asset which would help them develop new windows systems in future, fostering their growth.

Saito evidently felt as though he should return to his roots. After selling the software, he moved to Japan. His passion for entrepreneurial ventures, couple up with the development of the youth is what encouraged him to keep investing in start-ups by young people. This even to him winning an award in the year 2011 recognizing his efforts in young global leadership.

His vast knowledge of cybersecurity became an asset to Japan. He rose up the ladder, to a point where he became one of the advisors to the prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. This was just the beginning of the many positions he got from the Japanese government, as well as their private sector, to aid in IT issues.

Recently, however, he resigned from the positions offered to him by the Japanese government. According to him, his reasons were that he was operating under a cloud of doubt. Hos integrity comes up as an additional quality to his diligence. He chose to give up these positions to avoid being judged by critics and other parties. After his resignation, he sought to alter his resume.

How NGP VAN has Aided Candidates Win Elections by the Digital Campaign

NGP VAN Software Company develops software that enables candidates to conduct data analysis that allows them to learn about their voters wants and create smart campaigns. The company also provides platforms which include fundraising, organizing and social networking to local governments and other organizations. NGP VAN founded in 1997 and is based in Washington DC. It has been involved in several presidential campaigns that include President Obama’s, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


NGP VAN developed mobile tools that were first in the market and is the leading company in the field of voter engagement. The mobile tools help the candidates observe their voters regarding their political view on specific issues. The mobile devices developed by NGP VAN are useful analytical tools and help the campaigner’s contact and target voters. The company has a smartphone mobile app known as the MiniVan app that allows the campaigners to enter voter data directly rather than using the traditional paper method. MiniVan app has an additional feature known as the Street Team Canvassing which enables the campaigners to collect new names and other information on the voters during political rallies.


NGP VAN as a company that is involved in digital campaigns has to be relevant with up to date trends given the technological changes. NGP VAN involves high level expertise and collaborates with web startups to help forward progressive and democratic campaigns. This strategy enables the easy access to internet tools, apps, and software suites.


Campaigners and organizers can now send personalized messages to individuals through a unique peer to peer messaging tool that is a product of hustle. Hustle and NGP integrated in 2017. Speakeasy also integrated with NGP which enabled NGP Van users to create a list of voters and send them targeted direct emails instantly.


Campaigners can now have direct access to contribution data in ActBlue. ActBlue is also an NGP’s integration that was introduced at the beginning of the year. The information of anyone who donates at ActBlue will be available on NGP VAN 8 site. The interface will be used to reduce redundancy and will create an efficient fundraising and political campaign by directly interfacing with donation websites. NGP VAN focuses breaking down silos between campaign fundraising, digital and organizing teams. NGP VAN is also focused on improving organizing experience by marketing automation and empowering candidates.

Jim Toner Experienced Fertility Specialist with a Passion for His Work

If you and your partner are not able to conceive for long and feel that it is time that you consult with a fertility expert, then considering Jim Toner, an Atlanta based infertility expert is a good idea. Even though it is a problem that is not spoken about much, there are millions of couples across the globe that is not able to give natural birth even after sincere efforts to conceive. The problem with the reproduction can be numerous, and each case is different from the other. While most couples don’t have any issue with conceiving, the complications continue to grow with time. It is why IVF specialists such as Jim Toner ask the patients to lead a healthy lifestyle, stay away from alcohol and nicotine, eat healthily, and sleep well. Even a minor problem such as not giving your body enough rest or not eating right can lead to fertility issues, so one has to ensure that they take care of their health comprehensively.

Jim Toner is associated with the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine and previously worked for over a decade with the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, where he also received the Resident of the Year Award. Jim Toner is known to be a highly passionate doctor and continues to learn about the new techniques and procedures that are being followed in the world of reproductive medicines to give patients the desired outcome. The research of Jim Toner is widely acclaimed as well, and as an infertility expert, he has given a speech on it at many leading medical conferences across the globe. He is considered an authority on the issue of recurring miscarriages, and there are many cases where he has been able to treat the patients, who were asked to give up all hopes from other physicians. Over the years, Jim Toner has written numerous articles, reports, and book chapters on the subject of infertility and reproductive issues, many of which are referred by the reproductive experts and IVF specialists worldwide.

Jim Toner is highly professional and has high ethical standards that make him quite popular among his patients. He also has a strong commitment towards his patients and offers them the best treatment plan possible. He also has a backup plan in place to ensure that his patients do not have to go through the treatment again. He believes in quality rather than quantity so that the best care is being provided to his patients. He also believes in respecting the wishes of his patients and always listens to what they have to say before providing any suggestion to them. Jim Toner also spends time on educating himself about the new technology and procedure in the fertility treatment industry. Follow Jim Toner on LinkedIn today.

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Jeunesse Global Luminesce Moisturizing Complex

Jeunesse Global Company is a manufacturer and a major seller of cosmetics and skincare products. Additionally, they also sell supplements. The organization distributes their skin care products, cosmetics and other natural health products across the world. The cosmetics company offers Luminesce that is a skin protector type of product. The product includes other items in their production line like wrinkle facial cream, Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum, luminesce moisturizing complex and luminesce daily moisturizing complex.

Luminesce Cleanser clears the old dead skin and replaces it with a new and refreshing skin. It repairs any cracked skin making it soft and smooth. Luminesce Youth restores and replenishes the skin making it flawless and brighter. Additionally, the organization provides other Ageless creams that act as anti-wrinkles. The PM and AM Essential are dietary supplements that are comprised of nutrients and vitamins that are extracted from various vegetables and fruits. The extracts are then prepared in a manner that they will maintain a healthy body for the user. The Reserve Item is another product from Jeunesse that acts as a radical damage protector. Also, the Reserve protects the skin against other harmful elements.

The Finiti product is an essential product from the Jeunesse organization. It is a supplement that is blended using different ingredients. These are a mixture of various fruits and vegetables. These supplements drastically reduces your body weight. It burns body fat and enhances the building of muscles. Another similar product that does the same job is the Zen Bodi. It assists you to manage your weight. Jeunesse majorly advertises their products through distributors online and on different social media platforms.

Jeunesse was founded in the year 2009, on September 9TH at exactly 9:00 PM. The number 9 is consistent on the month, year and time. It has a meaning and signifies that the enterprise was not only going to survive but thrive and be successful in the market.

Jeunesse founders had earlier worked in other enterprises where they were also successful. They hassled to a point of retirement. However, Wendy and Randy teamed up and formed the organization. Today, millions of people are using Jeunesse products and also assisting them to write history.