How NGP VAN has Aided Candidates Win Elections by the Digital Campaign

NGP VAN Software Company develops software that enables candidates to conduct data analysis that allows them to learn about their voters wants and create smart campaigns. The company also provides platforms which include fundraising, organizing and social networking to local governments and other organizations. NGP VAN founded in 1997 and is based in Washington DC. It has been involved in several presidential campaigns that include President Obama’s, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


NGP VAN developed mobile tools that were first in the market and is the leading company in the field of voter engagement. The mobile tools help the candidates observe their voters regarding their political view on specific issues. The mobile devices developed by NGP VAN are useful analytical tools and help the campaigner’s contact and target voters. The company has a smartphone mobile app known as the MiniVan app that allows the campaigners to enter voter data directly rather than using the traditional paper method. MiniVan app has an additional feature known as the Street Team Canvassing which enables the campaigners to collect new names and other information on the voters during political rallies.


NGP VAN as a company that is involved in digital campaigns has to be relevant with up to date trends given the technological changes. NGP VAN involves high level expertise and collaborates with web startups to help forward progressive and democratic campaigns. This strategy enables the easy access to internet tools, apps, and software suites.


Campaigners and organizers can now send personalized messages to individuals through a unique peer to peer messaging tool that is a product of hustle. Hustle and NGP integrated in 2017. Speakeasy also integrated with NGP which enabled NGP Van users to create a list of voters and send them targeted direct emails instantly.


Campaigners can now have direct access to contribution data in ActBlue. ActBlue is also an NGP’s integration that was introduced at the beginning of the year. The information of anyone who donates at ActBlue will be available on NGP VAN 8 site. The interface will be used to reduce redundancy and will create an efficient fundraising and political campaign by directly interfacing with donation websites. NGP VAN focuses breaking down silos between campaign fundraising, digital and organizing teams. NGP VAN is also focused on improving organizing experience by marketing automation and empowering candidates.

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