Mr. Hicks, His Wife, And The Best Investment Firm In New England – Southridge Capital

Not everybody has time to help their communities, environments, the world, or even someone as close to their homes as one foot across their property boundary lines. While it’s great we are not forced to rely on others as much in today’s world as humans have been forced to in the past, too many people don’t care about being civic-minded.


Fortunately for southwestern Connecticut and the rest of New England, Southridge Capital LLC has strong corporate social responsibility policies that help organizations, small groups, and individuals around the Ridgefield area, a wealthy area of southwest Connecticut.


First, let’s explain what Southridge Capital is, what it does, when it was founded, when its corporate social responsibility protocols were put into place, who works for the company, and other information readers might find interesting. You can visit their website



Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Mr. Stephen M. Hicks’ own Southridge Caital


According to PR Newswire, Stephen M. Hicks incorporated Southridge Capital by himself in 1996 after spending nearly 15 years on the rosters of other financial firms and companies. The most significant o those companies was Sutherland Capital – though the company technically isn’t known as “Sutherland Capital”; rather, the popular, publicly-traded financial services provider with a team of top-notch portfolio management professionals – because it was here he learned more skills related to high-tech investing strategies, learning to play the waiting game sometimes, and hardly ever playing aggressive – not to mention where he picked up more customer service skills than he had ever accumulated throughout his entire life.


Southridge either advises clients on this, that, and the third or invests corporations’ money in various causes ranging from standard financial instruments like stocks or bonds all the way to private investments that Southridge Capital scouts out, evaluates, and allocates money to on its own.


The company was created in 1996, making it some 22.5 years old today – July 2018. Two years after Mr. Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge Capital in Ridgefield, Connecticut, he and his wife decided that Southridge Capital needed to have a subsidiary or partner organization for philanthropic activities. Soon after, the pair came up with The Daystar Foundation, a nonprofit organization that hands out money to any cause its owners want.



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