Sussex Healthcare appoints new CEO

Sussex Healthcare, UK’s top care giving provider, has recruited a new CEO known as Amanda Morgan Taylor. The move comes as the company celebrates 25 years of good leadership. Amanda started her duties at the beginning of the year although he had been selected towards the end of last year. She took the few months at the end of the year to learn more about the company. The fact that she acquainted herself before assuming official duties at Sussex Healthcare meat that she was prepared well enough to deal with the matters that needed to be dealt with. She took time to talk to the residents and their families about the services and discussed with them areas that the healthcare firm needed to improve services delivery. Before she assumed office, he came up with an idea of setting up a position of Director of Quality and Compliance and Service Delivery.

Morgan-Taylor is an experienced worker who has been in the healthcare for the past three decades. She understands the dynamics of the industry and is, therefore, the best-suited person to take Sussex healthcare to another level. Since 1984, she has been in the health and social care. She started her career as a Mental Health Nurse before she moved to the management aspect of the industry.

As a worker in this field for the past three decades, she knows better who to deal with the management of the health sector. She knows how caregivers are supposed to work since she has been with various private organizations where she has held the position of management. She has also worked with other organizations helping them put their operations in order. She has helped organizations which were in dire need of restoring public confidence in their operations get exactly what. Her experience is unique, and she is clearly one of the best officers one can get to run the operations of a healthcare facility.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is a great addition to Sussex Healthcare and she will help greatly in maintaining the great reputation of the healthcare company. Her services are needed at this juncture the most as the company celebrates 25 years of services delivery to the people with special needs.

Exemplary Performance Of Guilherme Paulus In The Hotel Industry

Traveling to new places is the most fulfilling thing an individual can do in their life. It is always an exciting experience to tour new places around the world. By getting the best hospitality experience while exploring new places is always satisfying.

The founder of CVC Guilherme Paulus has dedicated his career to ensure tourists traveling to Brazil get the best services. CVC is the most prominent tour agency in Brazil and Latin America. Paulus is also the president of GJP Hotels Network that offers the best hospitality services to tourists.

According to the tour mogul, he has expanded his enterprise to enable tourists to create a memorable experience of their tour in Latin America. Guilherme Paulus is confident of having an upward scaling in the future of Brazil tourism sector. He takes pride in the customers’ expectations met by CVC. This is due to the ability of the company to innovate the best strategies. Paulus attributes the growth of the company ethics as a result of offering their clients best services.

Guilherme Paulus states that the purpose of his business venture is to lead the way to a better Brazil society. His company has achieved this through developing and generating employment opportunities for individuals to work and improve their living standards. This is evident based on the multi-million hotel’s networks across Brazil. According to Paulus, his enterprises are paving the way to offer best services to tourists.

The recent investment achievement by CVC was selling company’s stake to Carlyle. Investment spectators view it as a trend to grow and transform the Brazil tourism industry. This helped to create more employment opportunities across the country. The venture will improve tremendously since there are other initiatives aimed at improving the business. Guilherme Paulus is a great business leader who is inspiring the tourism and hospitality industry in Brazil. Through his hotel networks, the economy of the country has grown at recommendable rates. His leadership style has been exemplary and commendable in the tourism industry. Paulus business ventures have helped to promote the tourism sector in the country and across Latin America.

Whitney Wolfe Is An Inspiration To Many Women

Bumble is one of the fastest growing social networking applications in the world. It was founded by Whitney Wolfe, who launched the concept in 2014. Bumble was originally a dating platform designed to allow women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe has stuck to her vision of keeping Bumble a female first social networking tool. The platform is designed to empower women to make a connection with people they haven’t met.

Bumble also has a BFF platform for simply making friends. Bumble-Bizz is a professional networking concept that was released in 2017. It is a new idea in the social media playing field. Bumble has grown to over 35 million users worldwide in roughly 144 nations.

Whitney Wolfe is noted for the success that she has accomplished at a young age. Forbes magazine listed her on there “30 under 30” list for 2018. She has made the cover of Fast Company, Forbes and Wired magazines.


Bumble has not only established itself as a social media app that empowers women, it is also an organization that is uplifting the female presence in corporate America. The Bumble corporate office is called the Hive and is located in Austin, Texas. The design of the office is intended to inspire and promote a relaxing vibe for its employees. Every inch of the space is colored in a playful way with inspirational phrases painted on the walls. There is even a Mommy bar for women who are in the process of being nursing mothers.

The employee force is 85% female. Working hours are designed to accommodate women who are trying to manage careers and raise families at the same time. Employees at Bumble are reimbursed for money that they spend on self-improvement activities such as gym memberships, meditation memberships, therapy sessions and doctors visits. Whitney Wolfe’s unique style of management at Bumble is receiving great recognition and has been an essential part of attracting and retaining the best talent.

Whitney Wolfe is proud of the fact that she is creating a new concept on what is known as the “Work-space Norms.” She is using her position to change the idea of what should be the appropriate culture in a professional environment. This will help her continue to create a works-pace that accommodates the professional woman.

Chris Burch Has Created A Unique Experience On His Nihi Sumba Island Resort

Chris Burch has been a part of several worldwide retail brands and has invested in many others. Within the last few years, Chris Burch has decided to move into the hospitality sector and teamed up with hotelier James McBride to bring people a luxury experience like no other. In 2012, he purchased a beach hostel and surf shop on the Indonesian island of Sumba. In 2015, he spent $30 million to renovate the hostel and turn it into a five-star resort. The resort was originally named Nihiwatu but is now known as Nihi Resort on the island of Sumba. In 2016, his resort was named the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure and is continuing to amaze people with its beauty and offerings.

Chris Burch admitted in an interview that he originally made the purchase for his kids and as a way to preserve something that he thought was unbelievable. He also wanted to improve life for the locals who call the island their home and has done so as the largest employer on the island. Chris Burch also gives back to the local community through donations to the Sumba Foundation. Today, he spends some of his time at the resort, sometime in Miami, and sometime in the Hamptons. Nihi Sumba Island inclides 27 private villas as well as his own personal home, and there are private pools for every guest that stays on the island.

Chris Burch has built plenty on his island resort that visitors can enjoy including a couple of two-story tree houses that are connected by a bamboo bridge, see ( The houses are furnished with Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints, and there is a beach spa where people can relax and unwind. Nihi Resort also offers yoga on a daily basis for groups as well as in private, and guests can learn how to surf on a famous beach that only allows 10 surfers to be present at one time. Lessons cost just $250, and instructors can work with people at any level of surfing. Guests can also visit waterfalls in the area and book special trips to unique locations on the island, read more on

Prices for a one night stay at the resort start at $750 during its slower season, and Chris Burch also rents out his own private estate for $14,000 a night. Burch would like to build more resorts and is targeting Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua for his next location.

OG Juan and Desiree Perez – Another Power Couple

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Jay Z and OG Juan have been friends for more than two decades. OG Juan has been a major part of Jay Z’s career from the beginning. As a true friend and career partner, OG Juan has truly stood the test of time and continues to show his allegiance to Jay Z and Beyoncé. You can feel the love between these two and their families, by simply listening to the lyrics of Jay Z’s songs throughout his musical career. OG Juan and his wife Desiree Perez have been tightly connected to the powerhouse couple Jay and Bey for years. OG Juan was a major player in the Jay’s early career by running studios and ensuring that Jay’s music was a success. The pair became really close after co-founding the start-up record label Roc-La-Familia and The 40/40 Club. Their career relationship and friendship seems to know no limits and has flourished over the course of years.

Fast Forward to the Future and Beyond

Currently this power couple, OG Juan and Dez (Desiree) are major movers and shakers in Jay Z’s and Beyoncé’s life. Dez, has been the COO of Roc Nation for many years. She holds the reigns behind Tidal, the streaming music app and a main member of the Hova Circle, the center of Roc Nation and Jay Z’s career growth and wealth. Hova is a pseudo name coined by Jay Z, meaning God of Rap. Dez the mover of contracts and negotiations, she truly has the Midas Touch. OG Juan has added to his credentials as the President of Roc Nation Sports. This is another venture that Jay Z and OG Juan have committed to making a major success, but in the world of athletes as well as entertainment. Roc Nation Sports has become a world-wide sensation with a main focus on taking athletes beyond just being an athlete. The power couple of OG Juan and Dez Perez has increased the portfolio of Roc Nation in the millions, thus steadily increasing Jay Z and Beyoncé’s collective net worth.

Ode to Friendship

OG Juan and Dez are not the only members of the Hova Circle. The circle is completed also with long time friend of the family Ty Ty Smith, Jay Z’s cousin Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim and many others in the tightly knit family/college circle. All of these major players behind the scenes of Roc Nation and Jay Z’s life deserve the shout out that the rapper dishes on every album. On the current album, Jay Z and Beyoncé, both show there love to a group of people that have been with them through every struggle and triumph.

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Dr. Saad Saad On His Patents And Professional Career As A Pediatrician

Two inventions created by Dr. Saad Saad have been a pleasant surprise to medical industry and have saved lives. It all started when the pediatrician noticed that two devices needed room for improvement so that doctors and their patients would have an easier and less painful time with the procedures they would have to do. The first patent suctions out fluid from the throat and such when using an endoscope. Dr. Saad Saad’s new device allows the fluid to be drained without the endoscope being removed. This makes it so much easier for doctors and physicians to perform and not lose eyesight, which in turn takes less time to do. On that note it also is less painful and arduous for patients.


Dr. Saad Saad also created a device that located catheters. This makes it so much easier to find them inside the body without going to more extreme lengths or body scans. It works like a metal detector and lights up when found. This electromagnetic location device is better than get an X-ray or an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Then the two devices, both internal and external, are aligned with each other and parallel with the tip of the catheter they external device light up. It saves a lot of time and effort on everyone’s part and has been adapted in hospitals all over the United States.


The very accomplished Dr. Saad Saad has quite an incredible life story. From humble beginnings to working for Saudi Royalty, Saad Saad has come a very long way. He is a passionate pediatrician helping children all over the world. In fact, he has gone on eight medical missions to Jerusalem to give complex surgeries to poor children. Dr. Saad Saad has also participated in four medical missions in the United States too. This has been very rewarding experiences because he was able to help children in need, with often life saving surgeries. The Eatontown, New Jersey pediatrician has worked in many medical facilities including and is associated with Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus and the Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He is also retired from the Hovnanian Children’s Hospital where he was the Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief. Dr. Saad Saad has seen a lot in his career and truly believes that every single patients deserves the upmost care no matter where they came from, who they are, what they look like, or how much money they have. He really cares about his patients and wants them to live the best life possible. Learn more:

NGP VAN’s Inclusive Software

The organization helps aid campaigns that are progressive. Besides, it has helped in recognizing the importance of the transgender, and bisexual vote. Recently it has included several properties in their software to be friendly to LGBTQ that is Lesbians, Gays, bisexual, transgender and queer.

What makes it Unique?

Many software companies have and always use binary gender in labeling their data. NGP VAN is single because it has started using the non-binary gender pronoun in the records of the voters in the current files. In this mode supporters, volunteers and donors will have an accurate address.

In any presidential campaign targeting the voters who are LGBTQ, it’s essential as these people are estimated to be more than 10 million, and this would make a tremendous impact if all decide to vote the same in one of the elections. In the urban and suburban areas, these are where to find these voters. Apart from this political view, NGP VAN has promoted an inclusive gender view.

In offering a parental leave for fathers and mothers, recently on March 2018 NGP VAN organized a company day without a single woman. The day was part of the global movement held by the DC women’s as a way to act together for justice, and equity for all gender oppressed people in this day the primary activity was to offer charities.


The Company achieved great as it was the sizeable partisan providing campaigning compliance software used by the most Democratic members in the United States that is NGP VAN has offered services to clients like Barrack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Later after this, it has also had other client in massive campaigns like the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and the same year the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign.

The company has gone a step further by developing app and services such as the self-serve advertising which helps in online marketing. When it comes to Democratic Federal campaign contenders are using NGP VAN as their primary platform for campaigns as it offers excellent service to ensure that the campaign is unique.