Chris Burch Has Created A Unique Experience On His Nihi Sumba Island Resort

Chris Burch has been a part of several worldwide retail brands and has invested in many others. Within the last few years, Chris Burch has decided to move into the hospitality sector and teamed up with hotelier James McBride to bring people a luxury experience like no other. In 2012, he purchased a beach hostel and surf shop on the Indonesian island of Sumba. In 2015, he spent $30 million to renovate the hostel and turn it into a five-star resort. The resort was originally named Nihiwatu but is now known as Nihi Resort on the island of Sumba. In 2016, his resort was named the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure and is continuing to amaze people with its beauty and offerings.

Chris Burch admitted in an interview that he originally made the purchase for his kids and as a way to preserve something that he thought was unbelievable. He also wanted to improve life for the locals who call the island their home and has done so as the largest employer on the island. Chris Burch also gives back to the local community through donations to the Sumba Foundation. Today, he spends some of his time at the resort, sometime in Miami, and sometime in the Hamptons. Nihi Sumba Island inclides 27 private villas as well as his own personal home, and there are private pools for every guest that stays on the island.

Chris Burch has built plenty on his island resort that visitors can enjoy including a couple of two-story tree houses that are connected by a bamboo bridge, see ( The houses are furnished with Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints, and there is a beach spa where people can relax and unwind. Nihi Resort also offers yoga on a daily basis for groups as well as in private, and guests can learn how to surf on a famous beach that only allows 10 surfers to be present at one time. Lessons cost just $250, and instructors can work with people at any level of surfing. Guests can also visit waterfalls in the area and book special trips to unique locations on the island, read more on

Prices for a one night stay at the resort start at $750 during its slower season, and Chris Burch also rents out his own private estate for $14,000 a night. Burch would like to build more resorts and is targeting Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua for his next location.

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