Sussex Healthcare appoints new CEO

Sussex Healthcare, UK’s top care giving provider, has recruited a new CEO known as Amanda Morgan Taylor. The move comes as the company celebrates 25 years of good leadership. Amanda started her duties at the beginning of the year although he had been selected towards the end of last year. She took the few months at the end of the year to learn more about the company. The fact that she acquainted herself before assuming official duties at Sussex Healthcare meat that she was prepared well enough to deal with the matters that needed to be dealt with. She took time to talk to the residents and their families about the services and discussed with them areas that the healthcare firm needed to improve services delivery. Before she assumed office, he came up with an idea of setting up a position of Director of Quality and Compliance and Service Delivery.

Morgan-Taylor is an experienced worker who has been in the healthcare for the past three decades. She understands the dynamics of the industry and is, therefore, the best-suited person to take Sussex healthcare to another level. Since 1984, she has been in the health and social care. She started her career as a Mental Health Nurse before she moved to the management aspect of the industry.

As a worker in this field for the past three decades, she knows better who to deal with the management of the health sector. She knows how caregivers are supposed to work since she has been with various private organizations where she has held the position of management. She has also worked with other organizations helping them put their operations in order. She has helped organizations which were in dire need of restoring public confidence in their operations get exactly what. Her experience is unique, and she is clearly one of the best officers one can get to run the operations of a healthcare facility.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is a great addition to Sussex Healthcare and she will help greatly in maintaining the great reputation of the healthcare company. Her services are needed at this juncture the most as the company celebrates 25 years of services delivery to the people with special needs.

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