Betsy Devos Wants To End Corruption In Public Schools

The educational system of America is in shambles and it’s mostly the fault of local school districts. Whether we continue to pump more money into the Department of Education or increase local taxes, the system is still plagued with inefficiency and corruption. This is why Betsy Devos and many brave parents are wanting to opt out of the public school system.


In the rest of the developed or developing world, school systems are able to use money more efficiently. For example, Finland spends much less on education per student yet produces better test results than most countries in the world. This is likely due to the decentralization of schools and the corruption that creeps into schools districts.


While a soft-spoken and polite conservative woman, she is an incredible fighter in the struggle of bringing public funds into charter schools. In fact, her history of activism goes as far back as 30 years. She has participated in a variety of political campaigns, fundraisers and other efforts in order to get charted schools noticed.


Mrs. Devos is an active member of the Alliance for School Choice (AFC), which is trying to break barriers that prevent poor families from receiving an adequate education. While this organization had made promotional material about the subject, their main interest was to get key legislators elected. In some instances, they aided local legislators in drafting bills that will meet the goals of the organization.


The free market can do amazing things, even in education. When charter schools are given access to public funding, they typically use it in a more efficient manner than archaic public schools. With Florida’s tax-credit scholarship program, that is exactly what is happening and tens-of-thousands of families have been helped.


When parents feel that they have a lack of power over their child’s education or lack the means of finding a better school, they turn to homeschool. The AFC also supports home-schoolers in their campaign as it can be a viable alternative in most cases. Just taking a look at the test scores of home-schooled children, you will see that public schools are not any better.


Now that Betsy Devos is in the White House, she continues to be a fighter for the people, even if she goes against Trump’s opinion. For example, she had tried to fight his decision on rescinding the policy that allows transgender students into their bathroom of choice. She even took the time to make public announcements with the LGBT community to show her support for their plight.


As she is still lower on the totem pole in Trump’s cabinet, she still has to prove herself in the office. Mike Pence is one of the biggest influencers of Trump’s decisions, yet she still makes a valiant effort to get certain policies in place.


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