Clayton Hutson: Producing Enjoyable Live Music Entertainment

The music industry is filled with talents who continue to transform the entertainment sector. One of them is Clayton Hutson, who is a sound engineer and an events planner. He helps artists set up their musical tour, be it an amateur or a professional. For him, the most important thing for his client is to execute their shows effectively and make their event a successful one. He wanted to perfect the aesthetic factor of his client’s shows and works tirelessly making sure that everything is working according to plan. Many artists consider Clayton Hutson as one of the best individuals when it comes to production planning and execution, and he is the first one to be considered when an artist is planning to have a musical tour.

Clayton Hutson went to college taking up a degree in theatre design. He also had experiences working with companies and firms that provide entertainment solutions, filling up roles as the project manager and the sound engineer. Through years of working for such firms, he managed to develop his skills, and he eventually became an expert. Knowing that he could also become a successful entertainment solutions provider on his own, he decided to quit his job and established his own entertainment solutions company. It was a great decision for Clayton Hutson, as he was able to develop his skills further, making his company marketable.

Today, Clayton Hutson can be seen at the backstage in most of the rock and roll tours around the country. He would occasionally be involved in other musical genres, but he is mostly attributed to rock and roll performances. He has been dedicating much of his time and energy to help blooming artists who wanted to have a grand debut or assisting professional musicians to have an enjoyable musical performance. He is in charge of every concert’s production, management, and design. Throughout his career, Clayton Hutson has worked with several famous musicians, including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns’n’Roses, among others.

He is currently working on different technologies that would put a wow factor on the shows that he produced. Researching the current technologies that can be used in live shows is what he does in his free time, and he experiments with these new developments to see if it would go smoothly with the audiences. He believes that his company needs to cope with the changes in the field of technology for it to survive.

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