Victoria Doramus And Her Approach To Modern Marketing

Victoria Doramus has made a name for herself throughout her career as a creative digital and print media marketing professional. With an extensive resume that includes Hollywood director Peter Berg, the Creative Arts Industry and Stila Cosmetics, Doramus has done just about everything there is to do as a marketing pro. Now, Doramus is looking to share her story in order to enlighten future entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Let’s take a look at the approach that has made Doramus so successful in her career.

Victoria Doramus went to school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her focus at school was her B.A. in journalism and mass communications but she focused on creative classes as well, giving even art history a chance. This sort of creative educational background plays such a huge role in the marketing role and it is apparent that Doramus has incorporated it into her work. Outside of school, Doramus has worked with names like Peter Berg, Trendera and Mindshare. As an entrepreneur and a marketing professional, Victoria Doramus has to always be ready to shift gears to focus on a new industry and concept and that is one of the most difficult aspects of the work.

As someone who is always on the go, digital marketer Victoria Doramus relies on digital technology and a handheld notebook in order to stay ahead of her work. Doramus uses her iPhone X in order to get work done on the road and she uses a handy notebook in order to keep a log of concepts and ideas that need to be explored. Right now, Doramus is focused on smart technology as an interesting concept to explore in the future. She points to GPS technology such as the Fit Bit as a technology that she is fascinated by at the current moment. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals must always have their eyes open to future industries.

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