Igor Cornelense: Brazilian champion trend analyzer

It takes a lot of moxy for a man to put his ideas first, when others haven’t caught up. That’s what makes Igor Cornelsen both the successful man he is and an example for up and coming businessmen of his caliber.

Research, hard work, and dedication are the primary factors that define him. His path at the Federal University of Parana was not that of the standard “dedicated student”; however, the path of a true genius is something that goes out of a standard curriculum. The structure of school isn’t exactly what appeals to those who can self-teach and go even beyond that. And Igor Cornelsen is a man that fits exactly into that category.

Of course, his studies and professors impacted him, but what he learned most was that the studies of the past only help to a degree as the world is ever-changing and new patterns evolve. He is the kind of man that sees these patterns and recognizes changes occurring on an immediate basis. That is the kind of man that makes a difference in the world.

Not only does studying news help with this level of insightfulness, but also a certain social aspect about him. Talking to people let’s you know not only what is going on in the world, but also helps a man like him see trends in how people FEEL about them. Igor Cornelsen is subrscibed to the analyzation of the twists and turns of both politics and the reactions people have to them. That is what makes him the man of career creation.

Any young financier would do well to be impressed by Igor’s success, but to not follow too closely in the man’s footsteps. As Igor did no such thing. Create, appreciate, don’t follow.

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