Productive Prospecting with Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a private energy company that is based in the Gulf Coast region of the united states of America. It specializes in the acquisition and development of oil and gas reserves. The company is constantly working on expanding its reach through acquiring new oil and gas-rich lands. To this end the Gulf Coast Western partners with investors in Oil and Gas General Partnerships also known as Joint Ventures.

Joint Venture partners will find that they will receive a number of tax advantages when they partner with Gulf Coast Western such as Intangible Drilling Costs and Intangible Completion Costs being fully deductible with up to 100% write off. The company is active in Texas, Mississippi Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma where they have drilling programs as they work towards further expansion.

Established in 1970 the company has been growing and reports an annual income of $14.9M. Gulf Coast Western in 2016 announced acquisition of oil assets in Louisiana. The company has operations in Acadia Parish, Beauregard Parish, Cameron Parish, Calcasieu Parish, Allen Parish and Evangeline Parish.

In 2014 they secured large tracts of land in Texas with plans to begin horizontal drilling. In 2015 they made public the formation of a subsidiary to provide frac tank containment systems, water recovery services and clean up services for wells. The subsidiary was meant to provide operational safety and well completion services.

The successful oil and gas company is involved in a number of philanthropic activities including supporting organisations like Smile Train which is involved in providing free cleft lip and palate operations all over the world, The Family Place, The American Cancer Society and the Shriners Hospital for Children where they are the official sponsor for birthdays.

About Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast Western was established in the year 1970. Matthew Fleeger is the current Chief Executive Officer and also serves as the president of its Board of Directors. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

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