Moving Up: The Chainsmokers

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, ages 28 and 30, are the two members of the Chainsmokers an American DJ and production group. Recently they have been able to reach platinum status with thief debute album “Last Year’s Memories…Do Not Open”. There albums is the third longest running albums to hit number 1 on the dance charts. Even a year later, it is still topping charts and going strong. Their hit “Something Just Like This”, a collaboration with Coldplay was also topping charts and was their second single released off their albums. This however can be outshined by the coveted diamond status that their single “Closer” reached this year with the hit performer Halsey. To reach diamond status a record must have shipped out over 10 million times. The duo has collected a handful of hits through their career, but none have been able to match “Closer”.

The DJ duo, The Chainsmokers are one of the top paid DJ’s in the music industry. Their earnings have reached 45.5 million dollars and climbing for the 2018 year. On Forbes list of top paid DJ’s, the Chainsmokers reach number 2. They are also on the Forbes top 100 celebrities, on this list they are number 59. Currently they are working in the final stages of a three year residency contract with the Wynn Nightlife. The Wynn Nightlife is a company that hires elite or celebrity entertainment for the local Las Vegas clubs. The Chainsmokers were able to draw in six figure checks for the nights that they worked at the Encore Beach Club and the XS Nightclub. Over 100 sets have been completed within the two nightclubs that they work. Who knows what may be next for the Chainsmokers, but they are moving up quickly in the music industry.

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