Steve Ritchie Gives Papa John’s a Fresh Outlook

Steve Ritchie, appointed CEO of popular pizza chain, Papa John’s, was appointed in January of this year. Ritchie has fresh ideas for improving the Papa John’s experience all over the country for franchisees, customers, and employees alike.

Leadership within the company has undergone “unconscious bias training“, there have been cultural audits and studies to get a pulse on the current state of the company, and Steve Ritchie has been listening to feedback from employees, customers, and others through these actions and through social media in hopes of providing a bright future for the company.

Two inititiative give Papa John’s a strong start. These programs are the minority-owned franchise expansion and development program and a new foundation that will focus on bringing positive change and impact to communities where the company’s employees live and work. In reference to these initiatives, Steve Ritchie said “We will support causes that bring people together.

Some other admirable changes that Ritchie hopes to bring to their franchisees are food costs, changes in online fees, and “certain reductions in royalties”. Funds will also be given to help with a fresh take on market and building a new image consistent with the positive direction that Ritchie hopes to steer the company in.

Though the company may see closures of some of it’s locations in the near future, the CEO seems to be confident that Papa John’s is headed in the right direction, and that they will be able to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees, and franchisees alike.

Ritchie, who has been in the pizza business for 25 years emphasizes that diversity, quity, and inclusion are among his top priorities. With these values in mind, along with new branding and marketing campaigns coming, and Ritchie’s focus on community and building trust with customers and employees alike, we are sure to see positive changes and growth from the Papa John’s brand in the coming years.

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