Boraie Development Becomes Leading Real Estate Development Firm

The real estate market in New Jersey is robust. Thousands of people move to the state each year in search of jobs. Boraie Development is a significant construction company in the area. Boraie Development recently constructed a new apartment complex called The Aspire. The complex was built in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is a city that is an excellent place for working professionals. Although the cost of traditional housing is high, there are various apartments with reasonable rent. Some people who live in New Brunswick commute to New York City for work.

Early Stages of the Company

Boraie Development was founded several decades ago. Since that time, the company has offered quality construction services to people living in New Jersey. In recent years, the growth rate of the company has accelerated. During the last housing crash, the company endured multiple years of declining sales. With the robust economy, the leaders of Boraie Development have trouble hiring enough workers to complete all of the construction jobs.

Apartment Complex

Boraie Development focuses on commercial property management the vast majority of the time. Building an apartment complex is an arduous process. Multiple variables can cause a project to be late.

The employees at Boraie Development are passionate about their work. The employees are highly compensated for their work, and the company also provides various other benefits for employees.

Shaquille O’Neal is from the New Brunswick area. He recently came back to the city to partner with Boraie Development. Not only did this partnership provide additional capital for Boraie Development, but it also offers excellent advertising for the new apartment complex.

Interest Rates

Most economic experts believe that interest rates will rise in 2019. Higher rates cause multiple issues for home builders. Boraie Development’s CEO expects that profits will decline significantly if interest rates rise quickly. The leadership team at Boraie Development is already planning for higher rates and expenses. The good news is that Boraie Development is a stable company in a strong financial position.

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