Edwin Miranda – Trends for 2019

Edwin Miranda has made a name for himself as the CEO at KOI IXS. Miranda is passionate about his work. He leads a talented group of designers, creators, and strategists. Miranda is dedicated to helping companies find the edge they need so that they can succeed in today’s jammed market. Miranda recently shared what he thinks will be the top trends in the world of technology in 2019.

During 2018 there were a number of new technologies that hit the agency space at a rapid pace. Brands found themselves racing to adapt to changes. 2019 appears to be set for similar change. This is not change of the moment, but simply the result of necessary growth coming from data driven technologies. Edwin Miranda believes there are five tech trends that will dominate the market in 2019.

Edwin Miranda urges companies to pay attention to consumer micro-moments. Micro-moments can be describes as quick moments in which consumers make decisions on what they will do. Miranda believes brands need to be able to quickly communicate their value to potential consumers. The market is flooded with options and buyers don’t want have to do lots of research to make their decisions. Miranda describes these mirco-moments as as need-to-buy, need-to-go, or need-to-know moments. If companies can recognize these moments they will a chance to keep the attention of consumers.

Experts believe sixty-six percent of the world’s digital display advertising will eventually be purchased by programmatic advertising within the next year. Miranda encourages brands to consider going programmatic or run the risk of being beat by competitors. This is just the second trend on Miranda’s 2019 list. His other trends to watch for include the emergence of voice search, the use of user-generated content to create an authentic voice and analyzing consumer preferences through the use of AI.

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