Jojo Hedaya: Young Executive CEO Of A Successful Company

Recently, Creator published an article entitled, “Meet the 24-year-old founders winning the battle against junk mail”. This spoke about Jojo Hedaya and his business partner, Josh Rosenwald. These two young professionals met while studying abroad in Israel, and both ended up eventually dropped out of college without graduating. But their friendship grew, and eventually blossomed into a business partnership.

Being frustrated by their email accounts being bogged down with spam, Jojo and Josh came up with the idea that would later become their start-up company: Unroll.Me. This email organization tool can help you sift between junk, spam, subscriptions, newsletters, work emails, and much more. Finally, you will find less stress everytime you open your inbox. You will also be able to find the emails you want when you want them.

Unroll.Me came to the market in 2011. And much to the delight of Hedaya and Rosenwald, it saw a lot of success. At this time, the site has millions of regular users. They have even released an app of the service. This way, users can use the app on the go to simplify the service and take it with them wherever they go.

And their hard work paid off, because Unroll.Me was recently acquired by Rakuten to go along with their service Slice. Slice helps users organize their shopping orders, discounts, and other similar things. So, why not combine both services in order to maximize the organization the consumer has in their day-to-day life? It made sense to Rakuten, who acquired Unroll.Me for an undisclosed amount. Slice will be adding features of Unroll.Me to its’ shopping app to make a better overall experience for users of both.

Jojo Hedaya lives in New York, New York. He has a self-proclaimed passion for simplicity that has helped drive him to success with the Unroll.Me service.

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