Dan Bethelmy-Rada works at L’Oreal Professional Products as the Global Brand President. He is the youngest to be given the position by the company. He got the position way back in 2015 and since then he has used his expertise in marketing to make profits for the company. He has over fifteen years’ experience in the field while working with Garnier Brands and L’Oreal Paris. He is innovative and puts his knowledge to use in managing brand strategy across the globe. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has unrivalled talent when it comes to training candidates for various marketing positions. He believes in team work and pushes his employees to put their best in their work so as to yield better results. He is passionate, goal-driven and hard working. These are only a few among his many qualities that have attributed to his success.Bethelmy-Rada makes a point of embracing different talents at his work place.

During an interview, he talked about his way to the top, the ups and downs if his job, how he balances his job and family, and also tips of leading a successful career. DanBethelmy-Rada loves photography and finding beauty in ordinary things. He says this was fuelled by his frequent travelling from place to place while growing up. He has spent time in Venezuela, Paris and the USA. From these places he learnt that there is no standard definition of beauty as it varies from place to place. He wanted to explore the different aspects of beauty and thus opted to work in the beauty industry. He attended Sorbonne University and studied International Business. This was the beginning of his interest in brand marketing. Bethelmy-Rada then proceeded to ESSEC Business School for an MBA and graduated in 2002. He got a job at LaScad as a Product Manager later on in the year. The company was part of L’Oreal and dealt with various beauty products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada used his education to market products from L’Oreal all over the world. He also learnt a lot from mentors at the company and used the knowledge to further his career. He worked diligently and was soon promoted to higher rank positions in the company.

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