Isn’t Romantic is a romantic comedy that is set to be released this coming February. Rebel Wilson stars in this comedy playing a lead role as an architect from Australia named Natalie. Rebel is an award-winning actress from Australia. She has featured in many television comedy shows and movies including the popular Pitch Perfect series.

The directors of movies that Rebel has appeared in describe her to be a determined, good-hearted and hilarious lady. She draws most of her comic acts through observing people and their behaviors. Her ability to hold her viewers’ attention makes her an exceptional actor. This has led Rebel Wilson to win many prestigious awards and nominations in various categories.

From her early years, Rebel Wilson valued her education and this made her an excel in her academics. She attended the University of New South Wales where she graduated with a law degree and another degree in Arts at the same university. After that, she pursued her passion in the theater industry where she joined a television comedy series.

One of her greatest empowerment is her education that helped improve her self-image and worth. This further contributed immensely to her success in her acting career. Apart from her acting career, Rebel Wilson has produced her own shows. She has also invested in a fashion line that deals in women fashion.

In the upcoming Isn’t Romantic comedy, Rebel Wilson who stars as Natalie is depicted as a hardworking architect who strives to be the best at what she does. Nevertheless, no one seems to pay attention to her and she ends up being given other jobs like offering coffee to fellow colleagues.

Natalie’s love life is not good either since she had quit trying to look for love. Moreover, she does not believe that romantic comedy actually exists. However, she decides to try finding love but then she is attacked in a subway. While trying to escape Natalie hits her head really hard and becomes unconscious. When she wakes up, she realizes that she has been entrapped in a romantic comedy.

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In order to wake up from her fantasy, Natalie has to fall in love. In this Fantasy, Liam, who acts as Blake and Adam, who acts as Josh are both interested in Natalie. The released trailer of this movie gave viewers a sneak peek of what the movie is all about.

The reactions of the viewers have been positive and many of them are anticipating for the full movie release. The cast of the movie is made up of other renowned actors and actresses. They include; Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam Levine. This movie has been categorized as one of the high standards in Hollywood.

This film has provided a perfect opportunity for Rebel Wilson to portray her acting prowess. Similarly, the yet to be released movie has made her more popular and this has helped in the growth of a women’s fashion line. This comedy is set to run in the theatres during this coming Valentine’s Day.

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